Ramen craving satisfied at Osaka Takoyaki, SM East Ortigas

My #RamenPhase is still going strong which is why I was excited with the opening of this new Japanese resto near my place.

Located at the second floor of SM East Ortigas, Osaka Takoyaki has a sprawling space with pine wood chair and tables can accommodate around 50 diners. It’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide the store with a lot of natural light but it made me feel a bit exposed, akin to eating while in a fishbowl, in contrast to the coziness of other Japanese restos. Its proximity to the gaming arcades and the loud upbeat ambient music from the mall also detract from the zen atmosphere.

The wait staff are friendly and helpful. Upon entry, I was greeted with “Irasshaimase!” or “Welcome!” in Nihongo. As soon as I was seated, I was offered a cup of barley tea to drink while waiting. Before leaving, the wait staff would make a small bow. These small gestures do make me as a guest feel valued and welcome.

I ordered a Tonkotsu Ramen (Php299) which was served steaming hot and prettily presented due to the pops of color from the pork slices, aromatics and the tamago against the creamy broth. In terms of taste, my ramen was satisfactory, the broth and pork slices were well-seasoned with the sliced green onions adding a bit of herby flavor to contrast with the dish’s saltiness. In terms of texture, however, I found the noodles too firm and the meat not as melt-in-your mouth as I would like. It even has some tendons that are hard to chew. The meat could benefit from a few more hours of slow cooking.

Overall, on the basis of I think Osaka Takoyaki has a good value-for-money proposition and, with a few improvements, has the potential to be one of my favorite ramen places.

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