Exploring the Pililla Wind Farm

During our family’s stay in Bahay Bakasyunan in Tanay earlier this year, we were able to catch sight of a row of windmills near the shores of Laguna de Bay. These are some of the 27 windmills of Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal, operated by Alternergy and helps serve the need of Metro Manila for renewable energy.

The family took advantage of the holiday break and headed over to Brgy Halayhayin in Pililla, Rizal to see these structures up close. Aside from the windmills, we also saw the glittering expanse of Laguna de Bay.

There’s a viewing deck which provides great perspectives of the windmills and the lake. It also has a cafe that serves coffee, shakes and pastries.

Despite the heat, nearly non-existent mobile data signal and the long trek going here, the trip here was worth it.

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Christmas Every Day at Casa Santa Museum

In keeping with the holiday season, I took the family to Casa Santa Museum. It is a structure situated inside Jardin de Miramar in Antipolo City. It houses over 3,000 Santa Clause items, ranging from life-size statues to miniature trinkets (even the washroom has Santa items!), all part of a privately owned collection.

  After perusing the Santa collection, we strolled around the gardens and found spaces to enjoy the cool breezes and greenery.

If ever you’re in the Metro, drop by Casa Santa for some holiday cheer. It is open everyday from 8.30am to 5pm. Tickets are Php180 per person (whether adult or child).

A Place for Wine Lovers: Chateau Ste. Michelle

  During my trip to Seattle last summer, my brother took me to Woodinville for a wine-tasting in Chateau Ste. Michelle. It is the oldest winery in Washington State which boasts of stately grounds, lush gardens and an amphitheater where outdoor concerts can be held.


Taking in the breathtaking grounds
  I’m not much of a wine drinker but I loved Chateau Ste. Michelle’s grounds and the winery interiors. 


With hubby at the wine-tasting
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Sweets to the Sweet: ChocoATBP


I came upon ChocoATBP’s stall at the City Savor event held at the Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas. What caught my attention was the array of beautifully molded pastries. Aming those I sampled, I’m partial to the orange and lemon pound cakes: these combine fruity sweetness with the moist texture of the cakes.

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New Korean Food Haunt: Han Grille

Han Grille is a wonderful discovery for me and my officemates. I love Korean Food and I’m glad that the Tomas Morato area, so near my workplace, offers a lot of options to satisfy my craving.
If you’re planning to order the resto’s grilled items, it’s best to come here as a group of 4 or more as you will be required to get 2 orders of grilled items (I loved the Spicy Marinated Pork and the Thinly-Sliced Beef!)  Splitting the orders in a medium to large group also helps you enjoy more viands while paying significantly less. Of course, a Korean food trip will not be complete without an order of Stone Pot Bibimbap!

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We actually ARE Racing Extinction

I was privileged to be invited to an exclusive sneak peak to the documentary Racing Extinction. It delves into how human activities, whether covert or out in the open, whether large-scale or minute, affect and even cause the extinction of species.

Sharks, for example, are majestic creatures that survived millennia but are now driven to near extinction because of the culinary and medicinal demand for their fins. They, however, do not evoke warm, protective feelings in me.
Until I saw how one was thrown back into the water with its fins cut off.

Aside from the pain from forcibly severed limbs, that shark will no longer be able to breathe as it respirates through the movement of water through its gills. Imagine someone cutting off your hands and legs then suffocating you with a plastic bag over your face.

Yet, this atrocity is done to thousands of sharks, and now manta rays, just to be able  to serve an exotic soup, or to add an ingredient to alternative, non-scientific medicine. Why should species be decimated just because we want our soup? Or because we want something for our aches and pains (even when there are other medicines available).

In my opinion, we should care about the continued survival of other species because we could have been the species on the lower rung of the food chain. And because, the disappearance of one species could have devastating effects globally.

Racing Extinction will have a global TV premiere on Discovery Channel on December 2, 9pm.