Aaaand here’s another new Starbucks Planner

I don’t know if this is common knowledge but I noticed that Starbucks increases its prices every time it makes its yearly Christmas blends available. My short hot Peppermint Mocha which cost P140 last year now costs P155. Will still be ordering it though, repeatedly in fact, as I promised my daughter a 2016 Starbucks Planner. TBH, I prefer the 2015 planner to the 2016 incarnation, even if the latter was co-created with Moleskine. Ah, the things I do!

Check it out on Zomato!

Japanese Barbecue at Sandaya Yakiniku

I attended the 12th leg of Cruising Magazine’s Taste #TravelForFood road show here. I’ve only ever been at Fisher Mall once before and I’m glad to discover another great place to eat here since it’s so near my workplace.

The place is well lit and well laid out. The party which consisted of about 40 people were able to sit comfortably in tables of six. Each table has a grill at the center with which to grill the yakiniku.

Our sumptuous repast consisted of:

– Appetizers: Kani Salad and Spicy Tuna Maki (not too crazy about the maki, though; I prefer California maki). There was also an assortment of side dishes consisting of kimchi, achara and sauteed beans.


Mains: Japanese Style Beef Stew (quite a novelty for me – the broth was creamy and flavorful with tender bits of beef and ox tripe) and Special Assorted Barbecue Set (love the juicy and well-seasoned meats, however, I prefer to eat them sans the special sauce)


– Side: Japanese rice (not sticky enough for me)

The wait staff are approachable and accommodating although they seemed overwhelmed by the size of the group (or our appetites!) as some of the food took a while getting to us.

I look forward to sampling this resto’s other offerings in the future.

Download the Eatigo app through this link and get up to 50% off your food bill in various restaurants in the metro as well as Php150 worth of rewards.

Is Eddie Mora a Baddie now in Limitless’ Side Effects May Include

This episode digressed from the case-of-the-week procedural format in a major way. Rebecca was impressing the FBI director as Naz‘s protegee during a sit-down type of war games situation while Brian was off investigating NZT trials while battling the drug’s side effects.

When I first saw Sands acting out as Eddie Mora‘s intellectual thug, I began to wonder if Eddie’s character has evolved from the good-guy in the Limitless movie to being the series’ resident big baddie. However, his appearance just as Brian’s battle with NZT’s side effects was taking a turn for the worse gave me some hope.  

 Bradley Cooper looks weird without his usual five o’clock shadow, though.

Neighborhood Food-find: Pizza Streat, De Castro

Ever since this pizza place opened in the main street of my subdivision, I have been dying to try its offers. So the first chance I got, I took my kiddies here for Saturday night dinner.

The place is quite small, just 30 square meters or so, but according to the owner, it’s already a big improvement compared to the original branch in nearby St. Joseph Subdivision. It has 6 tables inside which can comfortably seat 20 people and 2 more tables outside which can accommodate around 8 more people. I wouldn’t recommend dining outside as it is in a busy street with a lot of passersby and vehicle fumes. The interiors are well-lit with interesting rustic decor but quite cramped due to the small space.

Pizza Streat‘s offers are quite reasonably priced, with pizzas ranging from Php149 to Php159.

  We ordered 2 pizzas: Pepperoni and Classic Cheesy. They were served piping hot; the crusts were thin and crisp, holding up well to the weight of all those stringy cheese and pepperoni toppings.


For dessert, we had S’mores Dip, marshmallows flambed to a fluffy and gooey consistency over a bed of chocolate in a heated cast-iron plate. It was served with graham crackers which you can then dip in the S’mores.

I was glad to know that this resto will order delivery soon. When I’m not in the mood to cook but too lazy to go out, I can just call my orders in.