New Korean Food Haunt: Han Grille

Han Grille is a wonderful discovery for me and my officemates. I love Korean Food and I’m glad that the Tomas Morato area, so near my workplace, offers a lot of options to satisfy my craving.
If you’re planning to order the resto’s grilled items, it’s best to come here as a group of 4 or more as you will be required to get 2 orders of grilled items (I loved the Spicy Marinated Pork and the Thinly-Sliced Beef!)  Splitting the orders in a medium to large group also helps you enjoy more viands while paying significantly less. Of course, a Korean food trip will not be complete without an order of Stone Pot Bibimbap!

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We actually ARE Racing Extinction

I was privileged to be invited to an exclusive sneak peak to the documentary Racing Extinction. It delves into how human activities, whether covert or out in the open, whether large-scale or minute, affect and even cause the extinction of species.

Sharks, for example, are majestic creatures that survived millennia but are now driven to near extinction because of the culinary and medicinal demand for their fins. They, however, do not evoke warm, protective feelings in me.
Until I saw how one was thrown back into the water with its fins cut off.

Aside from the pain from forcibly severed limbs, that shark will no longer be able to breathe as it respirates through the movement of water through its gills. Imagine someone cutting off your hands and legs then suffocating you with a plastic bag over your face.

Yet, this atrocity is done to thousands of sharks, and now manta rays, just to be able  to serve an exotic soup, or to add an ingredient to alternative, non-scientific medicine. Why should species be decimated just because we want our soup? Or because we want something for our aches and pains (even when there are other medicines available).

In my opinion, we should care about the continued survival of other species because we could have been the species on the lower rung of the food chain. And because, the disappearance of one species could have devastating effects globally.

Racing Extinction will have a global TV premiere on Discovery Channel on December 2, 9pm.

Steak Craving Satisfied at Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats, Glorietta

I loved eating at the Kapitolyo branch. I recommended the Glorietta 5 branch to my balikbayan friend for our get-together as she wanted to meet up in Makati.

The place can get really full around lunch time (and the seating can get cramped) so I was lucky to get a table for two as soon as I got in.

We loved the juicy, well-seasoned Signature Steaks. I prefer mine medium-done and accompanied by garden grains (buttered fried rice eith veggie bits) and bacon potato salad. My friend preferred hers well-done with steamed rice and mashed potatoes.

Of course, a meal at Mad Mark’s is not complete without ice cream. I veered away from my usual order of Half-Baked Madagascar and opted for the Motherlode (walnuts and pecans, yum!). My friend found her new favorite in the Chocolate on Chocolate.

Mad Mark’s has become our new go-to place for our meet-ups.

Eclectic Aesthetics at Pinto Museum

I originally planned to visit Pinto Museum with my officemates but our planned outing kept on getting postponed. I decided to take my kids on an adventure to Antipolo and check this place out.

If you’re taking kids (or any student) with you, be sure to bring their IDs as this slashes Php80 off the regular Php180 entrance fee.

What impressed me about this place is the melding of culture and nature. Sculptures and other artistic installations are displayed outside amidst the greenery. Many of the paintings are hung inside wide and airy galleries that let in a lot of natural light (I hope that the museum curators are able to preserve the quality of the artworks as sunlight does have an adverse effect on pigments).

The meditation garden dedicated to Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera also has an escritoire where you can pen a missive to your “the one who got away” to help you “let go.” (Cue the #hugotlines and #walangforever diatribes.)

    We explored the different galleries containing various artworks. I wished we arrived earlier so we could have taken our time exploring.


I marveled at how, in various ways throughout this place, nature provides a backdrop for artwork and at how architecture and art provides a frame for nature.

All that walking around will soon get you hungry so it’s lucky that the museum has a cafe where you can hang out in while having  refreshments.

My kids and I had a tiring yet fun adventure here. I’m looking forward to showing this place to my friends from out of town.

Pinto Museum is Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Tickets are priced at Php200 for adults, Php180 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs and Php100 for students with valid school IDs (Children below 3 years old are free).

The museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo. Rizal.

For inquiries, call +63 2 6971015.


Brian got his Headquarters! on Limitless

So Brian has got it into his head that he needs an office… no, a Headquarters! (with exclamation point). After seeing the gazillion ways that Naz can say “No!” Brian offered to wipe out the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List in exchange for said accommodation.

 He mobilized a team composed of his FBI cohorts which he called the Bruntouchables and they started apprehending the fugitives.

After helping one of the fugitives prove his innocence (very reminiscent of Richard Kimble) and ticking off 8 names from the list (one of which is a Ponzi schemer who likes to bag big game in Africa), Naz gave in to his demand for a headquarters.

On the homefront, Brian decided to open up to his dad about NZT after noticing that the old man has been distancing himself from Brian due to his many secrets. Dad brought a box of goodies to their heart-to-heart talk which contains a diagram of how Brian copied off a seatmate’s geography exam in third grade and a mobile that shows how Brian made money of his sixth grade classmates. I guess we now know that Brian’s habit of creating elaborate diagrams was evident even during childhood.

Dad’s birthday treat at Dads-Saisaki-Kamayan

My daddy held his 68th birthday here so the whole family brought their hungry tummies. The thing with buffets such as Dads-Saisaki-Kamayan is that there is no earthly way for you to eat or even sample all of the resto’s offerings. My strategy is to concentrate on the food that fulfills two criteria:1. Something I’ve really been craving for

2. Something I’ll probably have trouble finding elsewhere

3. Something that’s really expensive in a non-buffet resto
In this particular instance, I gorged myself on:

1. Roast beef (meat is so tender and flavorful; lots of marbled fat) 2. Pork and salmon katsu (a happy discovery for me as katsu wasn’t normally highlighted here before; this probably came about with the recent proliferation of katsu places)

3. Salmon sashimi (this usually costs a lot order it ala carte in a Japanese resto)

4. For dessert: strawberry ice cream and mango truffle

5. Drink of choice: cucumber lemonade

This was a happy occasion celebrated with great company and great food.
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