Mayhem abounds as Westworld Season 2 begins


When we left the Westworld, the place was a mess.

Westworld founder and for-all-intents-and-purposes deity-in-chief Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) has just revealed a new narrative to the board during the launch party before having his head blown off (intentionally) by host Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood).


Dolores, after reawakening in the lab with Ford and Westworld head of programming and a-host-all-along Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright), realizes that the voice she hears inside her head has been hers all along (the concept of the Bicameral Mind, wooooh!) and therefore has finally gained consciousness.  She then began shooting up the park’s human guests in the party and enjoining the other hosts to revolt, no longer constrained by the “don’t harm the humans” rule.


The Man in Black (a crusty Ed Harris), revealed to be earnest William (Jimmi Simpson) whose heart was unknowingly crushed by Dolores during his first park visit thirty years ago, revels in the hosts’ revolt even as he is shot in the arm.


Brothel madam Meave Millay (Thandie Newton) gains superuser rights to Westworld, seizing control of her narrative and those of the other hosts.  She starts her own revolt in the labs and is last seen discovering Shogun World then deciding to search for the daughter she had in her previous narrative.


After all those reveals and delicious mayhem in Season 1, who could resist a sneak peek into Season 2?  Well, the creators themselves decided to release a spoiler video.

Or maybe not.

Westworld Season 2 premieres in the Philippines on April 23, Monday, at 9am on HBO  (SKYcable ch 54 SD and 168 HD) and will be available for streaming on HBO Go.