I write this blog as an outlet for sharing my opinions and tips on the things I’m passionate about such as food, movies, TV shows and books.

I do and will accept free products or services, meals, event tickets, etc. as samples or trial runs on which to base my review.  Said freebies will not influence my opinions or my writing.

I also do and will accept sponsorship for posts and social media boosting for said posts. Opinions contained in said posts will remain my own.

In such cases, I will state the provision of freebies or sponsorship in my blog post.

In the interest of full disclosure, the following will apply to my posts.

Restaurants and Food

My restaurant reviews are based on my actual experience dining or ordering from the establishments I feature, majority of which is as a paying customer.  If my engagement with the restaurant is in any other form, such as an attendance to a foodie meetup, a free meal provided by the restaurant or a treat given by somebody else, I will state so in the blog post.

Other Products

My product reviews are based on actual experience on the items bought. Should the items be provided by establishments as free samples so that I can try out and review the product, I will state so in my blog post.

Some posts may contain links to products and services which are related to the topic (eg., bakeware, recipe books, etc.). These links are for information only and unless specified, should not be construed as outright recommendations or endorsements.

TV Shows, Movies and Video Streaming Services

I am currently employed by SKY Cable Corporation, a cable TV and broadband provider operating in the Philippines. As a member of the Brand Marketing Department, part of my job is promoting the company’s products and services using media external and internal to the company.  However, I am not obliged nor compensated by the company for writing about the TV shows, movies or video streaming services that I feature in this blog.  I just happen to like them so much that I want to share the experience with my readers.  If access to the content was made possible through my association with the company – such as in movie premieres or special screenings – I will state so in my blog post.

Travel Accommodations and Destinations

My write-ups on destinations and travel accommodations are also based on my actual experience visiting or staying there.  If my visit resulted from a freebie given by the establishment, I will state so in my blog post.


I am self-proclaimed bibliophile and my interest in books span several genres from the classics, historical romances, Biblical fiction and business books.  The written works I review in this blog are those I have read (though I may mention other works I plan to read, particularly if written by a favorite author).

I may also recommend books as additional reading when related to a topic such as recipe books for food blog posts, craft books for DIY posts, etc.

Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In summary, to the best of my knowledge and ability, this blog does not and should not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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