Making your place look like a million bucks

While anyone can easily admire a chic pad that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, not everyone has the budget for a major renovation or hire a world class designer to spruce up their homes.

Taking design cues from some of the metro’s most sought-after condominiums, these are simple design inspirations anyone can pull off even on a budget.

1. Add depth to your ceiling!  

Ceilings have a great influence on how we feel in certain spaces. Low ceilings prompt quick action as small rooms make us unconsciously want to leave faster, while the inviting aura of a room with high ceilings make us want to take our time and relax.

You can highlight the size of your living space using recessed lights for a more modern, understated way of lighting. Likewise, full-length mirrors further expand the space in the room.

In the one-bedroom model unit from Mi Casa, for instance, the interior design done on the ceiling adds visual depth. This works well for an area where you regularly welcome guests. The living room and dining area are good areas to apply this concept because they will greatly benefit from the impression of a bigger space.

2. Let nature illuminate your home for you.

Natural lighting is the best way to brighten up any space.

Federal Land

Actual photo of Marco Polo Residences model unit

Condominium units with floor to ceiling windows not only provide sweeping views but give off the impression of a bigger and more calming living space. You will only be able to take advantage of spectacular views, of course, if your unit is on the higher floors of a condominium unit and where the building itself is located strategically.

Marco Polo Residences in Cebu plays this up perfectly with not only floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that provide unobstructed views of its mountainous surroundings, the city and the sea in the distance. On the other hand, if you have smaller windows, you can achieve this same feeling by keeping the window area clear of clutter.

3. Opt for earth tones.

Earth tones are timeless and versatile, making it suitable for any kind of home.

Federal Land

Actual photo of Four Season Riviera model unit

The neutral colors, just like in the showroom model unit of Four Season Riviera in Binondo, Manila drive just the right amount of attention to your home and allows you to add your own accent colors here and there. You’ll save on expensive paint jobs by strategizing which segments of your living space to highlight and which you can leave bare.

4. Experiment with open spaces.

Although your studio unit has no pre-set divisions, this does not mean you that you need to fill the void with clunky furniture. You can utilize every fixture and piece of furniture you own to achieve a clean and organized look.

A good example would be using a slim table in a bar-like set up which can help divide your kitchen from your living area through a more open concept.

You don’t need walls to define spaces. You can use partial wood and frosted glass partitions that double as shelves or different colored tiles and rugs to segment floor areas for different spaces. In this model unit at The Capital Towers in Quezon City, the bedroom area is defined by using tinted glass, while the dining and living area are fused into one to maximize floor space.

Federal Land

Federal Land

Actual photo of The Capital Towers model unit

5. Tastefully maximize storage space.

Keep knickknacks out of sight with built-in storage like the shoe cabinet, bedroom closets, and kitchen floor storage in The Seasons Residences in North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Federal Land

Actual photo of The Season Residences model unit

Using beds with hidden compartments underneath for clothes and shoes, as well as hollow ottoman seats that double as storage boxes will help eliminate clutter around the house and keep your intimate belongings away from prying eyes as well.

By lessening the use of heavy furniture, you will be freeing-up breathing space in your stylish abode making it easier on the eyes and a delight to move around in.

Lastly, while your design options may be influenced by your current budget, never sacrifice personal tastes. Any luxurious house will feel like home when it reflects the personal style of its owner. To get your own feel of luxury, visit the nearest Federal Land property show room today or get a virtual tour at

Multipure Water Purifier for clean and safe drinking water

Water makes up more than two-thirds of the human body and is very vital to every living organism.  However, clean and safe drinking water is not always available and accessible especially when you live in a third world country.  Many would rather consume unsanitary water which contains bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella than none at all and be exposed to various illnesses such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal flu, amoebiasis.

Why is clean and safe water essential?

Clean and safe water is necessary for us to stay alive in this world.  We use it for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, nourishment, and watering plants.

Clean and safe water is needed to prevent the spread of diseases.  With the ongoing scare of the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID 19), it has been stated that the best prevention is to constantly wash your hands.  If you don’t have clean water, even washing your hands won’t prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Clean and safe drinking water helps in getting rid of toxins.  It aids the body to get rid of all kinds of toxins, whether they are created due to bodily reactions or ones that occur because of the consumption of contaminated water.

Clean and safe drinking water keeps you nourished.  Water helps in keeping our organs healthy and it allows the blood to maintain consistency in flowing freely while transporting oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.

Though many benefits from the availability of bottled water and water shops, it does not guarantee the long-term water delivery and sanitation infrastructure improvements needed, aside from being costly.

The best way to ensure that you have clean and safe water all the time is to get a water filtration system that is guaranteed to work 100%.  This way, you can drink water straight from the source without having to worry about its cleanliness.

All these benefits can be found in Legánde’s Multipure Drinking Water Systems that uses its proprietary Solid Carbon Block Technology since the ’70s.  Multipure Drinking Water Systems includes the AquaDOME, AquaVERSA, and AquaMINI that have been tested, backed and certified by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) – NSF/ANSI 42, Aesthetic Effects; NSF/ANI 53, Health Effects and NSF/ANSI 401, Emerging Compounds and Incidental Contaminants.    The units can be upgraded with a Legánde Pre-filter to prolong the life of your carbon block filter.  The Company also offers the AquaSHOWER which is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association according to NSF/ANSI 177 and guarantees the removal of 90% or more of free chlorine.

You can purchase Legánde’s Multipure Water Drinking Water Systems via or visit them at Suite 406 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road,  Ortigas Center, Barangay San Antonio Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines, 1605.  You can also check their Facebook Page to send a message.

Product details and image provided in a recent press release.

Z Hostel and Makati’s Tourism Office offer a different kind of walking tour to the public

The late artist, tour guide and cultural activist Carlos Celdran described Manila as “can be chaotic and spiritual, dirty and divine, gritty and gorgeous all at once.”

The same can be said about the area in Makati known as Poblacion.

Long saddled with the reputation of being the red-light district hiding in the shade of the soaring skyscrapers of Makati’s Central Business District, Poblacion has slowly but surely been shedding its seedier veneer to reveal a place with its own character. It may be crowded and wornout in some places, but it has its own vibrance and local flavor.

Z Hostel, known as “one of the hippest hostels in Makati,” itself stands on what used to be the site of a brothel. Today, it is the place where young travelers and backpackers stay for a few days of comfort and relative luxury.

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Z Hostel recently partnered with Makati City’s International Relations Department in offering its Poblacion Walking Tour, not just to the hostel’s guests but also to locals who want to see another side of Poblacion, all for free.

Together with my daughter #ExhibitA, I took part in the tour to check out Poblacion’s happenin’ places.

An alternative to the usual walking tours wherein museums and heritage sites are the destinations of choice, this is essentially a pub crawl which takes its guests around the immediate radius of the hostel to check out some of the establishments they can hang out in (and have a drink or two) during their stay.

Tour guide Jian Miranda, himself a Makati resident for twenty-one years, shared his knowledge and love of the place by picking out spots worthy of note (such as the former drug den turned events venue, where to get the best barbecue in Poblacion and the names – and ingredients – of the streetfood being hawked on street corners) and the stories behind the various joints featured in the tour.

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

The first stop in the walking tour was Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen. With the branches of an old Balete tree serving as the shelves of the bar, Agimat serves up magic and mystery with every drink. Prior to presenting you with your concoction of choice inspired by the four elements apoy (fire), lupa (earth), tubig (water), hangin (air) and buhay (life), the crew would perform a ritual complete with ethnic masks, drums and chants. Being a foraging kitchen and bar, Agimat takes ingredients and culinary influences from various parts of the country to come up with unique and memorable dishes and drinks. It’s definitely worth a second visit.

The second stop of our walking tour was Julyan Coffee Spot, a newly opened coffee shop that also showcases artwork by the owners’ son, Julyan. More than a quiet place to sit and relax while enjoying artisanal coffee, Julyan Coffee Spot is also a social enterprise: it provides training and employment to persons with disability (PWDs). In fact the baristas serving coffee are deaf and communicate by sign language. I’d love to spend more time here with just my laptop and my cuppa joe, to work on my blog, or maybe get around to writing the Next Great Filipino Novel (yeah, I can dream, right?).

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Kartel Roofdeck Bar, the next stop in the tour, offers a scenic view of the Makati skyline from the towering buildings in the CBD to the hotels and night spots in the surrounding the area. Here, we were given free shots to help us loosen our reserve and get to know our fellow tourists. I wouldn’t mind a return visit where I can leisurely enjoy a light mocktail along with the cool evening breeze.

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

The final stop in the walking tour is Kondwi. Set in a big, black, boxy type of building, it actually houses a vibrant cocktail lounge at the ground floor and an exhibit space for artwork on the second floor. The last time I was here was when the upper floor was occupied by the Johnnie Walker Highball Arcade earlier this month. I’d love to see the next exhibits, take part in the salsa dance lessons, as well as taste more of Kondwi’s artistic takes on food and drink.

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

Poblacion Walking Tour (Z Hostel and MakaTurismo)

After the tour, the group was treated to cocktails at the Z Roofdeck. Too bad I wasn’t able to join as #ExhibitA and I had the rush home for our dinner date. Oh well…

The walking tour is primarily geared towards tourists looking for places where they can tipple, but it can also be the springboard for a local foodie’s rediscovery of the gritty and gorgeous Poblacion area.

The Poblacion Walking Tour is offered to Z Hotel guests and, recently, to locals as well every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday T 4pm with Z Hostel as the meeting point. Want to take part in the next Poblacion Walking Tour? Sign up here.

Here are the locations of the places we visited today:

  • Z Hostel: 5660 Don Pedro St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City (Tel: +63 917 8898531 or +63 2 88560851)
  • Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen: Second Floor, 5972 Alfonso Corner Fermina Street, Poblacion, Makati City. (Tel: +63 917 8904039)
  • Julyan Coffee Spot: 5936 Gloria Street, Poblacion, Makati City (Tel: +63 917 6860895)
  • Kartel Rooftop Bar: 5921 Algier Street, Poblacion, Makati City (Tel: +63 917 5638811)
  • Kondwi: 6109 Albert Street,Poblacion, Makati City(Tel: +63 917 7771633)

SKY partners with Shopee for a special subscription offer

A rewarding online shopping experience awaits new SKY subscribers as it launches the “Go Online for Great Deals with SKY and Shopee Promo” to give new subscribers up to Php400 discount on their Shopee purchase.

This thrilling promo is available to anyone who is successfully installed with a SKY Fiber, SKYcable, or SKYdirect postpaid subscription via online application at within the promo period, February 11 to April 30, 2020.

All qualified subscribers will be able to maximize the convenience of applying online and at the same time, get exclusive deals and perks such as 2 Shopee discount vouchers sent to their registered email within 3 to 5 working days from successful installation. Each voucher will entitle users to 10% discount upon checkout of their beauty, fashion, or even home product purchases. The maximum discount per voucher is P200 and there is no minimum purchase required.

All online applications will be subject to SKY’s existing approval processes and guidelines. To enjoy SKY and Shopee’s latest deal, subscribe to SKY online today. For more details, visit

Show details and image provided  in a recent press release.

Disclosure: I work for SKY and part of my job is promoting its products and services, especially the content it provides to its subscribers. I consider being able to share my love for TV shows and movies and the experience of watching and talking about them with like-minded people some of the biggest perks of my job.


Get “Comfortable” with H.E.R.’s newest sultry jam

Fresh from reaping various accolades and wrapping up the first part of the sold-out I Used to Know H.E.R. Tour, two-time Grammy winner H.E.R. has recently released a soulful single called “Comfortable.”

Produced by DJ Camper with additional backing vocals from Anthony Clemons, Jr., the latest jam from the Filipina-American R&B star showcases a more stripped-down approach reminiscent of her early releases. The earnestness of her lyrics, paired with the sultry mood of the song, arrives with captivating grace beyond her years—a quality that makes “Comfortable” a standout.  

The newest track from the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has recently earned positive reviews from music publications. Hypebeast praised its “return to fundamentals,” and went on to acknowledge, “the right amount of modern production cues crescendoing by the song’s end.”

The song is also part of the official soundtrack of The Photograph, starring Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield.

“Comfortable” follows a handful of tracks released in previous weeks, which includes “Sometimes,” a heartfelt ballad that H.E.R. performed during the 2020 Grammy Awards Ceremony where she was nominated for five major awards, and “Slide,” a chart-topping urban radio hit featuring California-born rapper YG.

H.E.R.’s “Comfortable” is now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

Get 20% off on all love seats at BLIMS Love Sale from Feb 14-29

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and for you couples out there, BLIMS has a special treat just for you: a sale on its love seats!

While the term love seat can refer to a variety of seating options – from a wooden bench with two cushions to an S-shaped sofa, also called a tete-a-tete or a courting bench, on which two people can sit while still facing each other – it most usually refers to a two-seater sofa.

Did you know that love seats originally had a very different purpose? They were first built in the 17th century to allow ladies clad in voluminous gowns – yes, the type that used hoops and had layers of fabric and petticoats underneath – to sit down in comfort.

Over the years, women’s fashions shrank into slimmer forms, allowing more room in the seats. It became apparent that these seats gave courting couples a place to chat in private, or stay close with one another, while still adhering to cultural norms of the time. Thus, this piece of furniture came to be known as the love seat.

Today, love seats grace homes of couples or singletons who have come to appreciate their style and comfort, as well as their economy in required space and multitude of uses.

During its Love Sale from February 14 to 29, BLIMS Fine Furniture gives 20% off on all love seats which include:

Charlotte 2-seater Sofa. A perfect blend of style and comfort, it features a double arm cushion design and plush seating. Place this in your bedroom as an extra but stylish seating option.

Blims Love Sale

Hinoki 2-Seater Sofa. Premium leather sofa with soft key arms and black metal legs. Lounge here while reading a book or drinking a cup of hot cocoa during these chilly nights.

Blims Love Sale

Finlay 2-Seater Sofa. Plush and luxurious, this premium leather sofa brings sophistication and comfort to your space with its generous low arms and sleek metal legs. Snuggle up with your significant other on this sofa while watching your favorite TV shows.

Blims Love Sale

At BLIMS, you can find a complete variety of furniture, with categories such as:

  • Living Space – take your pick from an wide collection of sofas and dining sets.
  • Sleepshop – BLIMS is equipped with a wide array of bed frames and mattresses that will give you quiet serenity and peaceful slumber,
  • Recliners & Loungers – indulge yourself and bring home a seat you can just sink into.
  • Office World – find the items that allow you to take charge.

Check out BLIMS’ website, Facebook Page or visit any of its 19 showrooms nationwide to see which pieces are perfect for your home.

For more details on the promo, visit the BLIMS website.

Eric Chou captures the Filipino audience with “Room For You”

Over the past few years, Taiwanese superstar Eric Chou has achieved mainstream success in major Mandopop markets in the region.

With a string of multi-platinum albums and hit singles that consistently topped streaming charts, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has been anointed by the Taiwanese media as the “king of lovelorn people”—a title bestowed to the renowned balladeer for his masterful interpretation of emotionally affecting songs.

Despite his popularity as a ballad singer, Chou has recently experimented with EDM and urban music to diversify his catalog. Songs like “Nobody But Me,” “Shutter in Love,” and “Let It Go” showcase a more eclectic foray into pop, R&B and electronic music. These songs were written in English, aimed to capture a new audience outside of Mandopop.

Philippine breakthrough

His latest single “Room For You” has recently entered Spotify Philippines Viral 50 charts at #21. Seamlessly blending his knack for sentimental music with EDM elements and lush production, the Taiwanese pop star’s newest song is another glorious attempt to branch out into other genres and explore fresh contemporary sounds with international appeal.

The laid-back, soulful jam is part of his fourth full-length studio album, Freedom, which was released in December 24, 2019. The album, a mix of upbeat English tunes and mellow Mandopop ballads, contains songs such as “Old Days,” “Something About LA,” “Nobody But Me,” and more.  

Chou’s newest song also ranks on top of the Chinese New Year Spotify playlist curated by Filtr Taiwan, joining the likes of Mandopop heavyweights such as G.E.M., Jolin Tsai, and Joanna Wang.

Eric Chou’s latest single “Room For You” is now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

Details and image provided in a recent press release.