About Jellybeans


Someone who acts/plays hard headed, but really is soft at heart. Like how a jelly bean is hard on the ouside and soft in the middle. (Urban Dictionary)

I’m Gel Jose but for most of my life, people have been calling me Jellybeans.

I am a…


I like to try out new cuisines, discover new restos and savor my favorite dishes again and again.


I devour books, particularly historical and biblical fiction. I would even read the classics and some self-help and business books.


I love movies and TV shows of various genres, which include Hollywood blockbusters, shared cinematic universes and my recent discovery: K-dramas!


I like to create with my hands, from trying out recipes, knitting, crocheting and paper quilling. Heaven only knows what I’ll get around to next.


Having lived all my life in the metro, I try to discover new facets of its cities and surrounding areas to love and share with my friends.


Having both a demanding job and a busy home life, I look for ways to balance and enjoy both.

Follow my blog to discover new foods to taste, new places to explore, new crafts to busy yourself with and new books to learn from or lose yourself in or new hacks to make family or work life easier or more enjoyable.

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