The importance of gut health: 7 reasons why Erceflora is essential for your child’s well-being

As a mom, there is nothing more important to you than your children’s health and well-being, right? You want to ensure that kiddos grow up strong, healthy, and happy, with a bright future ahead.

One crucial aspect of this, though often overlooked but incredibly important, is gut health. A healthy gut can boost your child’s immunity, improve digestion, and even enhance mental health and brain development. In fact, let me share with you share seven compelling reasons why good gut health is crucial for kids, so that you can make sure your child is getting the best possible start in life.

Erceflore Kiddie
Erceflore Kiddie

1. It boosts immunity.

The gut is home to a large number of beneficial bacteria that play a crucial role in strengthening the immune system. Good gut health ensures that your child’s immune system is functioning optimally and can fight off infections and diseases.

2. It helps with digestion.

A healthy gut means better digestion, which means that the little one’s body is better able to absorb nutrients from food which are essential for growth and development. Poor gut health can lead to digestive problems like constipation, bloating, and diarrhea, while a healthy gut ensures that your child is getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

3. It boosts mental health and brain development.

Studies have shown that there is a strong link between gut health and mental health. A healthy gut can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and help children deal with stress more effectively. Studies have also shown that gut health plays a crucial role in cognitive development and can even impact a child’s behavior and social skills.

4. It helps to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation in the gut can lead to a host of health problems, including autoimmune disorders, allergies, and asthma. A healthy gut can reduce inflammation and prevent these conditions from developing.

5. It helps in maintaining healthy weight.

Poor gut health can lead to weight gain and obesity in children. A healthy gut can help regulate appetite and metabolism, making it easier for children to maintain a healthy weight.

Erceflora Kiddie
Erceflora Kiddie

6. It promotes healthy sleep.

Good gut health can improve sleep quality in children, leading to improved rest as well as better concentration and mood during the day.

7. It helps to prevents chronic diseases and promotes overall well-being

A healthy gut can help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer from developing later in life. By promoting good gut health in during their early years, you can help your kids feel their best and enjoy a happy, healthy childhood while setting them up for a healthier future.

Our partner in promoting our kids’ gut health

Erceflora is a probiotic supplement that can help support gut health in children. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to the digestive system, and can help promote a healthy balance of gut flora. Erceflora contains the probiotic strain Bacillus Clausii, which has been shown to be effective in treating digestive problems in children.

Erceflora Kiddie
Erceflora Kiddie

It comes in a ready to drink vial containing Bacillus clausii spores that help increase the body’s ability to resist attacks from bacteria and viruses in the gut by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic strains, facilitate digestion and restore restore intestinal flora, bringing about relief from tummy troubles. Each dose is gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free.

Recommended dosages are:

  • Infants (0-3 years): 1-2 mini bottle per day in regular intervals as directed
  • Children (4-15 years): 1-2 mini bottle per day or 1-2 capsules per day administered in regular intervals as directed
  • Adults (16 years and older): 2-3 mini bottle per day or 2-3 capsules per day as directed

To consume, shake the vial well, twist the top to open and swallow the contents.

Erceflora Kiddie Batang Matatag Campaign

Erceflora recently launched its campaign called Batang Matatag (Resilient Child) to address the misconceptions about hygiene through education on food, gut resilience, and proper hygiene and create community kitchens that can provide regular access to clean water and nutritious food.

Ercelfora Kiddie
Ercelfora Kiddie

It also launched its Todo Tatag Bus, which is is designed to teach kids about the importance of digestive health and how Erceflora can help keep their tummies healthy and happy. The interactive bus features a variety of activities, including games, videos, and quizzes, that help children learn about gut health in a fun and entertaining way, while also providing a platform for parents to learn about the importance of gut health for their children through interactions with the Todo-Tatag staff.

Erceflora Kiddie
Erceflora Kiddie

From March 11 to 12, 2023, Erceflora Kiddie is rolling in the Todo-Tatag Bus to set up the Todo Tatag Playground at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater in Bonifacio Global City. Here, kids can hang out and play with various fun and interactive games that also provide learning opportunities on gut health. They could also play with Erceflora mascots Baci and Clau.

Erceflora Kiddie
Erceflora Kiddie

In the main program held on the first day of the activation, renowned pediatrician Dr. Felizardo Gatcheco claricied on various points about children’s gut health, while celebrity moms Cheska Kramer, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, and Andi Manzano all shared their parenting strategies and healthy habits for the family.

Erceflora Kiddie
Erceflora Kiddie

Families can drop by the Todo Tatag Playground at the BGC Amphitheater until March 12, Sunday.

For more information about Erceflora Kiddie, visit its website or follow it on Facebook.

Erceflora Kiddie is available in leading drugstores nationwide and on Lazada and Shopee.


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