Legande Inc. has your backs by giving you ammunition against COVID19

We are already in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and foremost in everyone’s mind is how to stay safe when fighting an enemy that you cannot see. Aside from staying home, social distancing, and practicing good hygiene, what can you do to boost your immune system and stay safe?

One of the most overlooked components that lower our immune system is stress. When someone is stressed, his immune system becomes weak and they are more prone to getting sick. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you diffuse essential oils at home.


You can use peppermint in the morning to perk you up, orange, lemon, lemongrass, or grapefruit in the afternoon to relax you, and lavender at night to aid you in getting better sleep. Essential oils have been known to help better your mental health. Legánde’s essential oils come in three types: Mood Lifter, Stress and Pain Buster, and the Energy Booster.

You can also start taking in Life Enzymes with probiotics that work better than most vitamins, herbal remedies, and supplements. Enzymes speed up blood circulation, digestion, detoxification, and healing which are all necessary for the body. Legánde’s Life Enzyme contains 150 all-natural whole fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal fungi and ancient Chinese herbs which underwent a 1-year fermentation process. This slows down aging and aids in the relief of digestive disorders and boosts energy.


Make sure that you also have clean water at home. With the biggest protection from the virus being good hygiene and constant handwashing, it has become imperative to have clean water at home. Multipure Water Filtration Systems, the AquaDOME, AquaVERSA, and AquaMINI, that is backed by three certifications (ANSI 42 – Aesthetic effects; ANSI 53 – Health effects and ANSI 401 – emerging compounds and incidental contaminants) from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which users can upgrade with a Legánde Pre-filter. Definitely, a must in every home nowadays.


We don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end but what we do know is that there are ways we can minimize the risk. Legande Inc. is one with everyone in this fight and hopes that with these products, we are able to give you stronger ammunition against the COVID-19.

You can purchase these products via www.Legánde.com or visit them (when the Enforced Community Quarantine is over) at Suite 406, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas Center, Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1605. You can also check their Facebook Page to send them a message.

Product photos and details provided by Legande in a recent press release.

Header photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Upset tummy? How about some Mint Relief?

As a foodie, one of the banes of my existence is acid reflux. It is when the acidic juices in the tummy make their way up the esophagus.  This results in symptoms such as acid regurgitation, feeling like there’s a lump in my throat, and even a sharp pain in the chest known as heartburn.

It can be quite uncomfortable, even distressing at times, and could curtail, not just my enjoyment of food, and any other activity.

Well, there’s hope in the horizon for acid reflux sufferers like me.

Mint Relief

Mint Relief is the first and only natural quick stomach relief product available in the market today. It is not a drug; rather, it is a food supplement made from a combination of natural ingredients encased in a soft gel.

Mint Relief

Mint Relief

Mint Relief

Its pain relief properties come from its main ingredients:

  • Spearmint: Contains carvone which has been shown in various studies to inhibit digestive tract contractions; Also high in antioxidants, helps support digestion and manage stress.
  • Peppermint: Traditionally used to treat stomach upsets, tension headaches and migraines and menstrual cramps.

Mint Relief can be taken by both men and women to give relief in cases of constipation, gassiness, acid reflux and nausea, as well as a short-term treatment to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Mint Relief

Ladies who are “surfin’ the crimson wave” can get their reprieve from the pains of dysmenorrhea by taking Mint Relief.

For a foodie on the go like me, it has the additional benefit of coming in such handy packaging. A box containing ten gel capsules easily fits into my bag or purse so I can pop one in my mouth when I feel my tummy act up.

Mint Relief

When I recently overindulged in oily and spicy Korean food (my cravings brought on by binge-watching K-dramas for several days), I was glad to have Mint Relief with me to manage my acid reflux. Plus, it leaves a fresh feeling inside my mouth to chase away the acidic aftertaste.

I’ll be sure to keep one handy, especially during foodie meetups and dinners out!

Mint Relief is available at Lazada and Shopee for Php150 for a box of ten.

To know more about, visit the Wellness Refill website.

Disclosure: Product sample was provided to facilitate an honest review.