Onigiris with Pinoy flavors from Samurice

If you’re a fan of Japanese food but got some #PinoyPride goin’ on for our local cuisine, then Samurice PH’s got something great in store for you!

This online food shop specializes in premium onigiris – Japanese rice balls stuffed with tasty ingredients.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

With its newest offerings – dubbed Filipino Favorites – Samurice PH brings to us Pinoys flavors that are closer to home, the taste of classic Pinoy ulams encased in a tightly packed ball of another Pinoy staple, garlic rice.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

Curious yet?

Indulge your craving for that Japanese and Pinoy combination with these onigiri variants.

Sisig with Garlic Rice. The famed Kapampangan viand finds a new iteration with this savory onigiri.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

Spam Mayo with Garlic Rice. Kiddos will love this onigiri that allows them to enjoy their favorite spam beyond breakfast.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

Adobo with Garlic Rice. The national dish broadens its horizons to include an onigiri iteration.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

These classic Pinoy flavors are available in a Filipino onigiri set that includes two onigiris of each flavor for just Php599.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

Enjoy these onigiris at home for a quick and easy lunch in between Zoom meetings or online classes. You may also pack one of these as your baon so you can have a handy snack anytime you get hungry, or include a set in your picnic basket so you and your companions can easily munch into a tasty meal while on the go.

Samurice PH
Samurice PH

Other Samurice onigiri sets available include:

  • Japanese (Php499): includes 2 Salmon Mayo, 2 Chicken Teriyaki and 2 Tuna Mayo onigiris; all made with imported Japanese rice and wrapped with soy nori
  • Korean (Php599): includes 2 Korean Spicy Pork Samgyupsal, 2 Beef Bulgogi and 2 Spicy Korean Chicken Galbi onigiris; all made with Gochujang-flavored rice and wrapped with soy nori
  • Spam Mayo (Php599): 6 onigiris made with Spam bits with a bit of mayo in garlic rice and wrapped with soy nori

Order your onigiri set today at Samurice PH’s online store. Payments via GCash and bank transfer via BancNet, Union Bank and BPI are accepted.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature article.

Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

3 thoughts on “Onigiris with Pinoy flavors from Samurice”

  1. Na curious tuloy po ako sa lasa niyan lala no combination ng Japanese and pinoy must yung different flavors po😊.


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