Power up your 2022 health and fitness goals with Quaker’s online bootcamp

New year means new health goals for many Filipinos, which sometimes range from observing a healthier diet, reaching a fitness target, or simply finding the right exercise for you. If you haven’t gotten to listing down what you want to commit this year, don’t worry as it’s never too late to start or continue what you’ve accomplished so far!

To kick off a healthier 2022, Quaker, the world’s No. 1 oatmeal brand, will be having its first ever Quaker Strong Bootcamp Challenge from January 31 to February 6, 2022. These sessions aim to help you go beyond your comfort zones and jumpstart your health and fitness goals.

Quaker 2022 Bootcamp
Quaker 2022 Bootcamp

Every day, Quaker Philippines will be hosting free classes via zoom with your favorite local fitness studios and instructors. Ride the beat with Ride Revolution on January 31, February 5 and February 6. Work up a sweat with TMS on February 2, Saddle Row on February 3 and Flyweight Boxing on February 4.

Quaker 2022 Bootcamp
Quaker 2022 Bootcamp

To join, register and sign up by February 5. Early class registrants will receive a Quaker Strong pack which includes nutritious snacks for you to munch on pre- or post-workout; while another 100 who first complete the Quaker Strong Bootcamp Bingo Challenge, get a chance to take home exclusive Quaker merchandise.

Quaker 2022 Bootcamp

Keep up your health and fitness goals by complementing your daily workouts with Quaker Oats! For over 140 years, Quaker has been filling homes with great-tasting oats which helps provide your body the right amount of nutrients you need to sustain your energy so you can be Quaker strong! Quaker oats contain up to 7x more fiber* to support digestion, 1.7x more protein* for muscle growth and maintenance of, and Beta-Glucan for heart health.

For more information, visit Quaker on Facebook.

Details and images provided by Quaker in a recent press release.

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