Melo Foods’ Dreamcake-style Chocolate Cake is a sweet surprise

I’m seldom lucky enough to win games of chance but when I came across Melo Foods‘ giveaway contest on Facebook involving its Dreamcake-style Chocolate Cake, I knew I just had to try my luck.

And wouldn’t you know it; a few weeks’ later, I received a notification on Facebook that I won!

Tin can chocolate cakes such as this are making the rounds in social media, and no wonder: these are deliciously decadent and great to give to friends and family as gifts or as your contribution to the office potluck party.

Melo Foods’ Dreamstyle Chocolate Cake is composed of five layers of pure chocolate goodness. At the very bottom is the moist chocolate cake, the base of the whole confection. The next layer is a thick chocolate ganache – a rich mixture of cream and chocolate ordinarily used for icing and glazing cakes. Then comes the chocolate pudding topped by a shard of chocolate dusted with cocoa powder. Melo Foods’ recipe makes use of Dutch processed chocolates and Hersheys chocolates, giving the cake a premium taste.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Melo Foods’ designated pick-up place at Robinsons Fairview. However, the people at Melo’s were kind enough to arrange to have it delivered by Lalamove so long as I shoulder the delivery costs (which I am more than willing to do… actually, I’m willing to do a lot for chocolate, hehehe!)

By the next day, my Dreamcake-style Chocolate Cake was delivered to my office. And since at the time, the holidays were nearing and we all deserved a little bit of sweetness, I shared my cake with my officemates.

Melo Foods

First of all, I love the way the chocolate shard crackled when I broke it with a spoon. Also, the layers are distinct from each other in taste and appearance but come together in one very tasty confection.

Melo Foods

Melo Foods

Melo Foods

Thanks to Melo Foods for making my holidays even sweeter!

This cake fills a 6″ x 2″ tin can and sells for Php350. To order, send a private message to Melo Foods via its Facebook Page or contact +63 923 1068534.

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Author: Gel Jose

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