Decadent Chocolate Dream Cake from Sweet Kiss, Tomas Morato

Chocolate Dream Cakes have grown in popularity these last few months.

And no wonder: these cakes are what true-blue chocolate lovers’ dreams are made of. It’s basically layer upon layer of chocolate goodness – from its moist chocolate cake base, to its decadently rich and smooth chocolate fudge topped by a thin shard of chocolate sprinkled with cocoa powder. Plus, it comes in a nifty tin canister which adds to the novelty of experience.

Last week, I chanced upon a Metrodeal offer that offers a 6.5-inch round Chocolate Dream Cake for only Php399 (50% off from its regular price of Php800) from Sweet Kiss. I lost no time in buying a voucher, already envisioning myself sharing this sweet treat with my kiddies who are also chocolate fanatics. (I guess we know where they got that trait from.

Sweet Kiss is a gourmet bakery which is blessedly a short distance from my office. It specializes cakes, pastries and anything sweet, with the goal of making these top-notch baked goods and sweets more accessible and more affordable, despite using the best and freshest ingredients possible. Its offerings are mainly available for pick up from its store but can also be delivered via courier.

I picked up my Chocolate Dream Cake on my way home from work. Fortunately, I called the store two days to reserve my cake and it was ready, chilled and waiting for me when I got to the store.

I was glad to discover that the cake held up well during the hour-long drive home.

My kids were excited to see it and we indulged ourselves with this decadent dessert after our dinner.

The Metrodeal offer is still available. I get the feeling I will be buying another voucher soon.

Sweet Kiss is located at 60-A Scout Limbaga Street, Bgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City.

For inquiries and to reserve your Chocolate Dream Cake, call +63 2 5136600, +63 916 3479958 or +63 928 1431999.


Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

3 thoughts on “Decadent Chocolate Dream Cake from Sweet Kiss, Tomas Morato”

  1. I think it is ridiculously priced. A small chocolate cake will not cost P800, unless it is from a famous baker or hotel bakeshop. And so the offer of P399 for this cake is about the actual price, as it looks. Please dont confuse buyers by saying P399 instead of P800. The long and short of it,,,, expensive!


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