Jack’s Lemonade serves up fresh takes on a classic drink

With the onset of the rainy season, now is not the time to let up on our Vitamin C intake.

Fortunately, we can get this precious nutrient from many easily accessible sources.

How about lemonade? Being made with lemons, it is good source of Vitamin C. It’s also a wonderful drink to refresh and hydrate our bodies as well as give our immune system a boost.

Jack’s Lemonade, Ayala Feliz

Jack’s Lemonade, Ayala Feliz

Its most basic incarnation composed of lemon juice, water and sweetener has been a mainstay in many home and restaurant meals.

However, this seemingly rudimentary beverage actually offers a lot of new and exciting possibilities.

And where better to check out fresh takes on this drink than at Jack’s Lemonade?

Jack’s Lemonade

Kiosks of this lemonade chain can be spotted in many malls across the metro where, through the creative use of add-ons (such as plum salt, honey, yogurt, basil seeds, coconut jelly, poppers and pudding) and freshly-squeezed lemon juice, they are able to produce drinks according to a family of flavor profiles:

  • For Jack: the basic lemonades and the Jack’s Specials
  • For Dad John: the tea lemonades
  • For Mom Jenny: the herb lemonades
  • For Sister Julia: the fruit lemonades
  • For Baby James: the candy lemonades

Being a sweet tooth, it is hardly surprising that I gravitated towards the candy lemonades during my previous visits to these stores prior to the pandemic. These include:

Strawberry Mint with fresh mint leaves and strawberry puree.

Jack’s Lemonade, Ayala Feliz

Lemon Square with crushed graham crackers.

Jack’s Lemonade, UP Town Center

Strawberry Cheesecake with poppers and yogurt.

Jack’s Lemonade, Ayala Feliz

You may be wondering: With the metro switching into ECQ once again, will access to these yummy and healthy drinks be limited?


I’m happy to share that Jack’s Lemonade delivers so we can enjoy its drinks with our fam right in the safety and comfort of home.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

These are delivered with the add-ons packed separately so that you can easily assemble your drinks and enjoy them freshly made!

I was able to enjoy some recently. Check them out:

Strawberry Lemonade with yogurt and basil seeds.

Jelly G and Jac’s

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

1-liter Lemon Cheesecake with plum salt. Great for sharing!

Jelly G and Jac’s

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

So load up on Vitamin C and enjoy a delish and refreshing drink while you’re at it!

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

To have your Jack’s Lemonade delivered where you are in the metro, call +63 917 1587439. You may also course your orders through GrabFood or FoodPanda.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

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