Enjoy Thai milk tea at home with Jelly G

Despite the increasing frequency of rain showers in the metro, the times when the sunshine peeks through the clouds are the instances when we need something sweet and refreshing to quench our thirst, right?

Have you ever tried Thai milk tea? Unlike the more prevalent boba milk teas, Thai milk teas have actually been around a lot longer, have a myriad of health benefits and are also available in wondrous variety.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Local chain Jelly G, which has been operating since 2000, specializes in Thai milk tea, making its signature drinks from strongly brewed black tea spiced with anise and tamarind seeds and sweetened with condensed milk.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Together with fillers such as grass jelly, cassava pearls, yogurt, basil seeds, coconut jelly, egg pudding, cream cheese and poppers, the resulting drinks showcase the distinct exotic taste of Thai milk tea as well as introduce new ways to enjoy this traditional Southeast Asian drink that will appeal to Pinoy taste buds.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Over the years, Jelly G’s presence in malls have made this Thai delicacy more easily to Filipinos, and now, with heightened restrictions on dining out due to the pandemic, it can now be delivered to your home for you to enjoy with your family.

Really, now would be a great time to expand the family’s flavor horizons and say “Sa wa dee ka!” to new drink experiences by trying out some of Jelly G’s unique drinks such as:

Blueberry Milk with Coco Jelly and Cream Cheese. A sweet and tangy fruity drink with slivers of chewy coco jelly and topped with cream cheese.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Black Forest with Poppers. A rich chocolatey drink with tiny globes of fruity poppers.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Red Velvet Thai Milk Tea with Grass Jelly and Cream Cheese. A creamy dessert-like take on Thai milk tea made more nutritious with addition of grass jelly and richer with the addition of cream cheese.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

Want to expand your Thai food adventure even more? Pair your Thai milk tea with traditional Thai dishes, also available from Jelly G.

Place your orders now by messaging +63 925 7816237 on Viber or via GrabFood or FoodPanda.

Jelly G and Jac’s Lemonade

To know its latest promos and offers, follow Jelly G on Facebook or Instagram.

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Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature article.


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