Kids take a first crack at adulting at Kidzania Manila

Children can only aspire to what they know exists.

This is central to Kidzania and its Director of Education Dr. Ger Graus’ philosophy.

When you enter Kidzania, you enter a sprawling but kid-sized edutainment zone where children can explore and discover on their own while learning how to operate in the real world. It is a mini-metropolis, where the kids can fill roles in establishments such as a bank, a school, a hotel and more, while imbibing Kidzania’s culture, economy (it has its own currency – kidzos – that kids get paid with after fulfilling their tasks), and even language (say “Kai!” for “Hi!” and “ZanK-U!” for “Thank you!”).

The fun learning roles kids can take part in at kiddie-fied real-world establishments or brands include:

  • Actor or Street Performer (Star Magic – Acting Academy)
  • Artist or Student (National Bookstore – Art and Design Academy)
  • Pilot or Cabin Crew (Cebu Pacific – Aviation Academy)
  • Pastry Chef (Goldilocks – Bakeshop)
  • Client or Banker (Bank of the Philippine Islands – Bank)
  • Free Reader, Book Display Designer, Creative Story Teller, or Book Writer (National Bookstore – Bookstore)
  • Plant Engineer (Coca-Cola – Bottling Plant)
  • Crew Member (McDonald’s – Burger Shop)
  • Customer, Car Designer, Car Salesperson (Honda – Car Dealership)
  • Tourist, Tour Guide, or Safety Inspector (Victory Liner – City Tour Bus)
  • Clean Energy Engineer (First Gen – Clean Energy Center)
  • Cable TV Service Installer (SKYcable – Climbing Building)
  • Cookie Engineer (Cream-O – Cookie Factory)
  • Culinary Student (Lady’s Choice – Cooking School)
  • Logistics Officer or Pick-Up and Delivery Team Member (LBC – Courier Service)
  • Treats Inventor (Oishi – Creative Hub)
  • Fashion Model (Penshoppe – Fashion Boutique)
  • Firefighter (Pioneer Insurance – Fire Station)
  • Gas Dispatcher or Mechanic (Shell – Gas Station)
  • Electrician or House Painter (First Balfour – Hime Finishing)
  • Home Shopping Host (O Shopping – Home Shopping Studio)
  • Health Care Worker (Johnson & Johnson’s – Hospital Baby Care Training Center)
  • Paramedic (Green Cross – Hospital Emergency Room)
  • Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Instrumentalist (St. Luke’s Medical Center – Hospital Operating Room)
  • Receptionist, Wait Staff, Housekeeper (Holiday Inn – Hotel)
  • Production Engineer (Magnolia – Ice Cream Factory)
  • Laundry Operator (Champion – Laundromat)
  • Feature Writer or Comic Artist (Metro Publishing – Magazine Company)
  • Marine Conservationist (Century Tuna and World Wildlife Fund – Marine Research Lab)
  • Recording Artist (Star Studio – Music Studio)
  • News Writer (Philippine Daily Inquirer – Newspaper)
  • Pharmacist (Mercury Drug – Drug Store)
  • Pizza Maker (Yellow Cab – Pizza Parlor)
  • On-Cam or Off-cam Talent (ABS-CBN – TV Studio)

… and so much more!

Parents accompanying their kids won’t be bored either. They can hang out at the Parent’s Lounge where they can sip of some coffee as they watch TV or surf the net powered by SKYzone.

Hungry little ones can sate their appetites with the Belgian Waffle, Purfood Hotdogs, Goldilocks and McDonalds outlets inside the park.

And here’s something to spur you to visit Kidzania really soon: Until July 31, you can avail of an Unli-Pazz which allows a kid and an accompanying adult to enjoy a month of unlimited visits to Kidzania for only Php2,475. (You can view more details here.)

Kidzania is where kids can take a first fun glimpse at adulting.

Disclosure: I work for SKY which is one of Kidzania’s featured establishments and powers the cable TV and internet access in the Parent’s Lounge.

Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

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