Taste of Spain at Casa Marcos, Tomas Morato

Spain has a rich and colorful history, a fact which comes out of its equally rich and colorful cuisine.

One of the most popular cuisines in the world due to its spread during the age colonization, Spanish food is particularly close to Pinoy hearts as it influenced our own local cuisine.

Casa Marcos started in 1945, established by a Spanish national, Marcos de Guisasola, opened a Spanish restaurant in Manila which he named after himself. Driven by his love of cooking and entertaining friends, he brought his country’s signature dishes as well as the decidedly Spanish flair and passion for life to his new home.

Today, Casa Marcos is located at the second floor of the Il Terrazo Mall along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. It has a pub kind of atmosphere and was quite deserted when a friend and I went there for lunch but we were told that the restaurant’s peak hours are at night due to its offerings of tapas and craft beer.

We were also served some dinner rolls with butter while we waited for our main meal.

The purpose of our visit was to sample the resto’s Paella Valenciana (Php470 for a small serving which is good for 2 to 3 people: Php845 for a large serving which is good for 5 ton6 people), a hearty rice dish with chorizo, seafood, and chicken pieces, seasoned with paprika and served in a heated flat pan (called soccarat in Spain). We also ordered a Lengua Sevillana (Php345), ox tongue cooked until tender and served with a mushroom gravy sauce.

Both dishes have rich and earthy flavors, well worth the walk to the resto (and the hefty price tag).

Some of the paella also got toasted in the pan, adding some crunchy texture to each bite. The portion was quite large (despite us opting for the small serving) and we ended up splitting the remainder and having them wrapped for takeout.

In my future forays here, I plan to sample the Callos (Php450) and the Paella Negra (Php470 for a small serving/Php845 for a large serving).

For reservations at Casa Marcos, call + 63 2 4418134 or + 63 906 2213615.

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Author: Gel Jose

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