Green space musings at Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez, Cavite

Life in the city can feel somewhat stifling: modern life enables you to do so much but most of them require you to be sedentary, cocooned in air-conditioned rooms with your eyes glued to device screens, or traversing the drab concrete jungle. Sometimes, we just crave for a bit of green space, areas with verdant life that refreshes the mind, body and soul.  Several studies have already cited the health and social benefits of green spaces, which include stress reduction, enhanced mood and improved social interactions. Just outside the metro in Mendez, Cavite, one can find Paradizoo, one of Zoomanity Group‘s theme parks.  Here you can find green spaces in abundance, with 12-hectares of land that offers a combination of Paradize and Zoo that makes each visit uniquely relaxing and entertaining. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Inside the park, your eyes are treated to wide expanses of greenery with attractions such as: Vegetable Garden.  Paradizoo employs best faming practices, particularly in vermiculture, bokashi soil, hydrophonics and composting, to produce fresh and organic vegetables. Flower Garden. Horticulturists and lovers of decorative plants will love the sheer variety of colors and shapes of flowers to be found here. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Meditation Garden.  A quiet and peaceful place where one can relax and reflect, this is a boon to busy professionals who want to unload themselves from the cares of city life for a while. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Families will also welcome the opportunity to enjoy some time playing in the great outdoors with activities such as: Archery Attack.  An instructor will teach you the proper way to aim at and hit targets, which you can later use when doing mock battles with your companions. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Farm Frenzy.  Meet and cuddle up (and let out your inner Disney Princess, hehehe!) as you meet new animal friends like rabbits, hamsters, birds, goats and other critters. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Plant Me Home.  Want to take a bit of the greenery home with you?  In this area, you can select flowers and vegetables from garden plots that you can buy and bring home. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Fun Z Bubble.  Roll across the fields with the kids in this fun and exhilarating activity. Paradizoo, Tagaytay And when you’re parched or famished from all the exercise and outdoor activities, drop by the Paradizoo Cafe for some well-deserved snacking.  You can also check out the cool souvenirs that you can buy and bring home with you. Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay Paradizoo, Tagaytay As much as I love the city, it’s sometimes important to take a break from it for a while and get some respite in amidst the sunshine and greenery. Afterwards, I feel like I’m ready to face life in the city again, refreshed and re-energized. Paradizoo is located along the Mendez-Tagaytay Road in Mendez, Cavite, open daily from 8am to 5pm. To commute going there, ride a bus to Tagaytay City or at Olivarez terminal.  Afterwards, then ride any jeepney or bus to Mendez and inform the driver to drop you off to Maglabe Drive.  Lastly, take a trycicle ride to Paradizoo. Rates:
  • Adult: Php199
  • Child (3 feet to 4 feet): Php149
  • Children below 3 feet free of charge
Book your eco-farm journey by emailing or by calling +63 046 4131244 | +63 966 1938965. Know more about Paradizoo and other Zoomanity’s attractions at Here’s a tip: you can get discounted ticketsto Paradizoo Theme Farm by signing up for a free YOGO customer account and booking via the YOGO PH app (download now on Google Play or the App Store). You can also book your tickets via Klook Disclosure: Together with fellow bloggers, I was invited by the Zoomanity Group to tour and experience the attractions at the Paradizoo Theme Farm.  The tour was sponsored by the company and was not paid for by the attendees including myself.

Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

7 thoughts on “Green space musings at Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez, Cavite”

  1. I agree with you. Being a city girl is extremely awesome but having a good vacation away from it from time to time is beyond amazing. I must say, this place could pass as one of a must getaway. 😍


  2. Didn’t know that there’s a Paradizoo in Tagaytay as well! I only knew about the one in Subic. Hoping to visit and experience these soon! Thanks for the info!


  3. Ang ganda naman sa Paradizoo must visit talaga malilibang ka pa.Gusto ko yung archery attack nila baka sakali matuto ako gumamit niyan🙈.


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