Horrific journey into madness at Asylum Manila

Opened in 1939, the Asylum was a premier psychiatric medical institution for the criminally insane. The worst and most violent of psychiatric patients were brought here for treatment and seclusion.

Dr. Vanicutt, a renowned psychiatrist from Pennysylvania, heads the asylum. When his wife died from a mysterious accident, the doctor sank into madness: tormenting and conducting grotesque experiments on the patients.

During the Japanese occupation, the Asylum was mistaken for an abandoned building and a garrison of soldiers was stationed there. They ended up going insane and slaughtering each other.

From then on, the Asylum has been abandoned. The poor souls who wandered there were never heard from again.

Now in 2019, the doors are open again, welcoming new patients while the many unthinkable events that took place in the Asylum are still waiting to be uncovered.

That’s the premise of Asylum Manila, the newest horror attraction in the metro. It is a massive walk-through of dark attractions with sinister live actors, jump scares straight out of horror movies and Hollywood-caliber special effects.

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

You and your gang (who will, hopefully, stand with you no matter what terrors you encounter inside) will enter the Asylum as its newest patients. Two creepy nurses will check your vitals (making sure that you have no pre-existing medical conditions that will make you unable to complete your journey), then they will reveal the Asylum’s sordid history before ushering you into the house of horrors.

Inside, you will be chased up, down and around by crazed orderlies, chainsaw murderers, cannibalistic undertakers and mutilated patients. You will even encounter characters straight from horror movies such as Annabelle and the Nun from The Conjuring series and Pennywise the Clown from It.

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

By the end of your 45-minute journey through winding pathways, moving floors and walls, flashing lights and creepy music, you will have experienced thrills and chills that will leave your adrenaline pumpin’ and your knees shakin’.

My friends from #SaanSaPH and I got a sneak peek of Asylum Manila’s attractions the day before it opened to the public and and let me say that the experience was one of the most fun, albeit scary, times we’ve all had together.

Asylum Manila

Asylum Manila

Tickets go on sale starting June 20, priced at Php699 Mondays to Thursdays, and at Php799 Fridays to Sundays. VIP tickets priced at Php1,200 are also available giving holders priority in queue. To buy online, visit AsylumManila.com.

Asylum Manila is located at 1148 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City (in front of Christ the King Mission), open from 4pm to 12 midnight. For inquiries or reservations, call +63 945 3007408, +63 945 3007404, +63 947 4612808 or +63 947 4612807.

Some reminders:

  • The attractions are not recommended for children under 12 years old or for persons with known and pre-existing medical conditions such as pregnancy, breathing/heart/psychological/joint/muscle conditions or any conditions made worse by physical exertion.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (no heels) and don’t bring backpacks or bags
  • No taking of photos or filming inside the attractions except in the assigned areas.

Thanks to Zarrah of TheBandWagonChic.com for extending the invitations!

Author: Gel Jose

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