Making memorable snacking moments with Lemon Square

Remember simpler times when you were younger – spending sunny afternoons with your friends sharing yummy snacks lovingly prepared by your mom?

Playing outside may not be advisable nowadays, but you can still create memorable snacking moments with your kids and Lemon Square.

Lemon Square

Lemon Square

For thirty-five years, Lemon Square has been a part of every Filipino household, serving up real goodness through affordable and nutritious snack cakes. Its flagship brand – Lemon Square Cheesecake – has carved its place in every millennial’s childhood as the ultimate comfort merienda that is both tasty and filling.

Lemon Square

Lemon Square

Mothers also love Lemon Square products for its affordability, accessibility, and nutritional value.

Lemon Square

Lemon Square

Lemon Square also makes snacking more exciting with its family of brands that cater to every personality and quirk in the family:

  • Lemon Square Cheesecake: the classic favorite that is siksik with the real goodness of fresh eggs and milk
  • Lemon Square Whatta Tops: whatta cake, whatta topping, whatta filling! Make snacking more exciting with its moist cake, exciting toppings and creamy filling
  • Lemon Square Lava Cake: a moist, cream-filled snack bar made with real chocolate and oozing with home-baked quality goodness
  • Lemon Square Whatta Flakes: light and crisp crackers with a kakaibang feel in the mouth and kakaibang flavors
  • Lemon Square Cookie Bites: light, crispy, bite-sized, melt-in-your mouth cookies bursting with Lemon Square’s classic flavors: Cheesecake and Chocolate, it will make your quirky kids jump around in joy

So stay home and let Lemon Square be your family’s perfect snacking companion.

Lemon Square

Experience Real Goodness, Always.


Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

4 thoughts on “Making memorable snacking moments with Lemon Square”

  1. We love Lemon Square Cheesecake, always baon ng kids ko sa school! Gustong gusto nila. Masarap na, afforable at nutritious pa! ❤️❤️


  2. Until now lemon square pa rin hanggang sa mga kids ko. Pang meryenda o midnight snacks. Masarap talaga ang Lemon Square. Wala pa din tatalo sa lasa at sarap.


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