Extraordinary sound selections from Nokia Personal Audio, coming this 11.11!

Nokia Personal Audio by RichGo celebrates its first 11.11 campaign in the Philippines with BIG surprises prepared for all Nokia fans and audio enthusiasts! #MyNokia

Surprise 1: Up to 50% OFF on Nokia Favorites

Nokia RichGo 11.11

Fans get to choose from a wide variety of True Wireless Audio devices without breaking the bank. Customers can get discounts of up to 50% OFF on Nokia #FanFavorites, which will be available in all Nokia Personal Audio online stores from November 11 to 17, 2021.

  • Below Php1,500: Nokia E3100 (23% OFF) at Php 1,099 only! (From: Php 1,440), Nokia E3101 (25% OFF) Php 1,499 only! (From: Php 1,999)
  • 30% OFF and Above: Nokia E1200 (32% OFF) Php 1,699 only! (From: Php 2,499), Nokia E3200 (32% OFF) Php 1,699 only! (From: Php 2,449), Nokia E3500 (34% OFF) Php2,299 only! (From: Php 3,449)
  • 50% OFF: Nokia P3802A (50% OFF) Php 3,249 only! (From: Php 6,449)

Shop now!

Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E3100
Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E3101
Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E1200
Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E3200
Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E3500
Nokia Personal Audio
Nokia E3802a

Surprise 2: Limited Edition – Nokia P3600

Nokia RichGo 11.11

True to its promise to bring affordable and quality wireless audio devices, RichGo Philippines will be releasing an addition to its PRO device line, the Nokia P3600 Pro True Wireless Earphones. A LIMITED- EDITION release, this new device aims to bring back the superb aesthetics of legacy Nokia mobile devices with sleek, shiny and curvy chassis for only Php 4,499 (11.11 price).

Targeted to empowered young individuals, the Nokia P3600 sports a sleek metallic charging case (reminiscent to the 2005-released luxury Nokia 8800 phone) that makes it a sure head turner for its striking looks. Aside from its mesmerizing aesthetics, the P3600 boasts a bang-for-the-buck audio configuration. The P3600 earphones is equipped with a Knowles Balanced Armature driver combined with an 8mm dynamic driver to deliver Hi-Fi quality music. One driver handles the mid and high frequencies and another takes care of the bass so users can enjoy a full spectrum of well-balanced sound.

Nokia RichGo 11.11

The P3600 also enable users to immerse themselves in the scene with its “Gaming Mode” that reduces delay and delivers sound in sync with the on-screen action, so gamers will never miss a critical sound again.

The Nokia P3600 will be released in LIMITED QUANTITY, and each purchase comes in an impressive Tin Can packaging which makes it a perfect gift idea for those who love style and function at the same time. Truly a collector’s delight!

Nokia RichGo 11.11
Nokia RichGo 11.11

Product Availability

The Nokia P3600, together with the rest of the Nokia Personal Audio products on sale will be available from November 11 to 17, 2021 in all online shops of Nokia Personal Audio by RichGo on Lazada, Shopee, and its recently launched Facebook Shop that delivers nationwide.

Details and images provided by RichGo in a recent press release.

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