3 Reasons to enjoy the creamiest halo-halo in the solar system from Bebang Halo-Halo

Just because we’ve entered the BER months, it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer the time to have halo-halo.

This shaved ice confection is considered the unofficial national dessert of the Philippines.

Its beginnings is said to be traced back to the pre-war Japanese-Filipinos in Quiapo who introduced a version of the Japanese kakigori called mongo-ya. It was made with minatamis na munggo (boiled and sweetened mung beans) served on top of crushed ice with milk and sugar. Over time, more native ingredients such as ube jam, sweetened kidney beans, rice crispies and leche flan were added, resulting in the development of the modern halo-halo.

The halo-halo got its name from the action needed to bring about its best qualities: it needs to be mixed (“halo“) again and again (‘halo-halo”) to bring various ingredients together with the sweetened and milky shaved ice in every spoonful.

Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo

Being an icy dessert, one would think that it is most popular during the hot summer months. However, I would beg to differ: any time is a great time to enjoy halo-halo, especially if its a Bebang Halo-halo.

Here are three reasons why:

1. “Ang iniiiiiit pa rin dito!” (It’s still hot in here!)

The hot summer season actually lasts year round in this country. We just get to experience a few bouts of rainy and windy weather in between sweltering heat spells. With the heightened temperature comes heightened tempers, don’t they?

We definitely need something cold to refresh us and take our minds of the heat, as well as something sweet to sweeten our mood.

Bebang Halo-Halo
Halo-Halo Special (Php138/16oz). There’s nothing ordinary with this icy dessert made with frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya and rice crispies.
Bebang Halo-Halo
Halukay Ube (Php158/160z). Our favorite purple yam dessert takes centerstage with this halo-halo made with ube-flavored frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapauno and rice crispies.

A couple of Bebang Halo-halo can surely cool down our temperaments despite the hot weather!

2. “Maiba naman!” (It’s time for a change!)

If we want a break from the usual dayuhan desserts that abound in so many eateries and go back to our roots, why not do it in a yummy way with a icy cup of Bebang Halo-halo?

Given the Pinoy penchant for sweets, it’s no wonder that many versions of halo-halo exist. We keep on finding ways to make a good thing even greater, don’t we?

Bebang Halo-Halo
Banana Cinnamon con Yelo (Php158/16oz). The kusilba or minatamis na saging gets an upgrade with this halo-halo made with frozen milk, leche flan, vanilla jelly, sago, banana, caramel syrup and rice crispies.
Bebang Halo-Halo
Mango Graham (Php158/16oz). Your go-to refrigerator cake is now in halo-halo form: made with frozen milk, leche flan, caramel syrup, fresh mango and crushed grahams.

Just like Bebang Halo-halo: it has a menu of fifteen halo-halo variants so that every one can always go back to a halo-halo fave or switch to a new flavor, anytime!

You can also pair your icy dessert with one of Bebang Halo-halo’s hotdogs and fries. You can even switch it up again by trying one of its Taho (silken tofu with tapioca pearls and sugar syrup) series.

So many delicious possibilities, so little time. Sigh!

3. “Dasurb ko ito e!” (I deserve this!)

We have been through a lot, haven’t we?

With all the worries, anxiety and frustration that we have lived through in the past two years, we have certainly earned ourselves a respite.

Let’s make it a delicious one with the creamiest halo-halo in the solar system from Bebang’s Halo-halo.

Bebang Halo-Halo
Halo-Halo Presidential (Php168/160z). This halo-halo made with frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, langka, banana cinnamon, special macapauno and rice crispies deserves its place at the top.
Bebang Halo-Halo
Limited Edition Royal Halo-Halo (Php498).
Go all-out luxe on this halo-halo made with frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, strawberry/peach/blueberry/mango sago, ube halaya, special macapuno, pistachio, cashew and mallow fluff topped with edible 24-karat gold leaf… if you think you deserve the royal treatment.

So don’t worry if it’s a good time for halo-halo, because any time is a good time for it. Go ahead and treat yourself and your loved ones with a Bebang Halo-halo, just like I did.

Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo
Bebang Halo-Halo

Bebang Halo-halo is a homegrown brand which offers leveled-up versions of the classic Pinoy dessert: the halo-halo. It recently trended on social media, thanks to its news-making Limited Edition Royal Halo-halo.

You can enjoy your Bebang Halo-halo right in the comforts of your home, or wherever you are in the metro (especially if you’re RTO – returning to the office – you would need one to cool down after a long commute or a heated meeting). It delivers to most Metro Manila areas through its in-house delivery service or via GrabFood and Lalamove. To make sure your orders will arrive as fresh and icy as you like them, opt to get an insulated bag packed with ice for an additional Php60.

You may also opt to pick up your halo-halo from the Bebang Halo-halo store at the Wack-Wack Royal Mansion, 574 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City in front of PCSO.

Message your orders to Bebang Halo-halo today. To stay updated on its offers, follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature.


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