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It’s time to bring out your Christmas trees and decorate! Learn how to clean your artificial Christmas trees before decorating them this upcoming holiday season!

Preparing and cleaning an artificial Christmas tree is simple, but can also be time-consuming.  With just a few household tools and cleaning supplies, your artificial Christmas tree can be clean and fresh  in no time. Remember: it’s important to clean your artificial Christmas tree before use to remove layers of dust that may accumulate when you’ve stored them after celebrating the merry days.

Six Feet Vinyl Christmas Tree from AllHome

How To Clean Your Artificial Christmas Tree Before Decorating

  • First, carefully remove your tree from its box or storage bag. Then, start wiping the tree with a soft, dry cloth or a fiber duster starting from the top, from its branches, trunk, then down to its base. 
  • You can also use a vacuum with a bristle brush used for upholstery or a hand vacuum. Make sure to test a section at the base of the tree first to see if  the vacuum can safely clean the dirt off the branches and not damage the tree. 
  • For pre-lit Christmas trees, clean its branches with a vacuum before wiping each lightbulb with soft, dry cloth carefully.

How To Clean Your Artificial Christmas Tree Before Storage

  • For your safety, make sure to unplug Christmas lights before taking them off and all decorations from your tree. 
  • Give it a quick sweep with a vacuum or a clean, dry cloth.
  • Dismantle the tree according to instructions. 
  • Compress all branches carefully and ensure that there are no unnecessary strains on the branches and lights.
  • For pre-lit Christmas trees, wipe branches with a clean, dry cloth. Start from the top and gently work your way around the light bulbs.
White Christmas Tree from AllHome

How To Care For And Clean A White Christmas Tree

Compared to regular Christmas trees, dust and dirt are easily visible on a white Christmas tree. Keep your white tree spotless by cleaning and storing it properly after every holiday season.

  • Same with a regular Christmas tree, follow the general care tips on how to clean it as mentioned above.
  • After cleaning, wrap your tree in clean white paper before storing, then place it inside its storage container. 
  • Avoid using water and other cleaning agents on your tree as these may change or destroy its material, and may invalidate the product warranty.

How To Care For And Clean Frosted Christmas Trees

Frosted Christmas trees require a different kind of care compared to a traditional Christmas tree as there’s no need to dust your frosted tree, since this could very well damage its flocking material which makes it look frosted with snow.

  • First, set up your tree in a cool, dry place and away from humidity and direct heat.
  • Since frosted trees tend to shed, avoid making unnecessary contact against the branches and tips to prevent excess shedding. 
  • Gently compress the branches of your tree, then place it in a secure storage bag to keep the flocking material intact and lessen contact from anything that may cause it to shed.

We know that you and your artificial Christmas tree are ready now and waiting to start on the decorating. We hope this guide from AllHome has given you helpful tips on how to clean and care for your artificial Christmas tree so you can enjoy its beauty for many holidays to come!

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