Guilt-free refreshment with Chi Forest sparkling water

If you find your diet goals countered by those sugary and calorie-rich beverages, well, there’s a viable alternative to plain old water: sparkling water!

Also known as carbonated water, soda water, seltzer water, club soda and fizzy water, this refreshing drink is made by infusing water with carbon dioxide gas. Imbibing sparkling water brings the same fizzy sensation as drinking your favorite softdrinks but without the calories and sugar.

Chi Forest
Chi Forest
Chi Forest
Chi Forest

Here are some ways sparkling water is good for you:

  • It can help you keep your winning smile. Softdrinks are sweetened with sugar which cause breaks in tooth enamel, and which – thankfully! – is absent in sparkling water.
  • It can help you lose weight. Aside from having zero calories, sparkling water also makes you feel more full than when you’re drinking regular water. Studies have shown that it also contributes to food staying in your stomach for a longer duration, helping you to retain the feeling of satiety which will reduce your desire to eat.
  • It helps keep you more hydrated. Many people find sparkling water easier to drink and having better taste than regular water, encouraging to you to drink regularly, thereby keeping you hydrated.

And if you need more convincing to switch to sparkling water, you’d be happy to know that thanks to Chi Forest, it is now available in delicious flavors such as:

Chi Forest Calamansi Lime

A zesty and citrusy drink flavored with a combination of lemon, lime and orange with a calamansi fragrance.

Chi Forest
Chi Forest

Chi Forest White Peach

The mild sweetness of fresh peaches combined with a silky and full texture.

Chi Forest
Chi Forest

Chi Forest Lychee Fizzy

Lychee’s sweetness and floral taste accompanied by the aroma of grapes and roses.

Chi Forest
Chi Forest

With such deliciously invigorating true-to-fruit flavors, getting your recommended daily water intake to keep yourself at optimum levels is not just easy, but even more appealing.

So if you’re on the lookout for something new and fresh to take you to a new flavor journey while helping you stay healthy, then grab your cans of Chi Forest sparkling water today!

Chi Forest
Chi Forest
Chi Forest
Chi Forest

Stock up on Chi Forest sparkling water at Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, Shopwise, LCC, Shopee Mall and LazMall and more outlets in the metro.

To stay updated on Chi Forest products and offers, follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature.


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