5 reasons to have your Sunday family lunch at Panda Express, Green Meadows

Sundays are a time for family, am I right?

Whether you devote your Sundays to attending Mass, watching a movie or running errands together, what you don’t want to do is spend the entire day preparing your meals.

If only there was a way for the fam to have a tasty Sunday brunch that caters to everyone’s tastes while not busting the fam’s budget, right?

Well, look no farther than Panda Express’ Greenmeadows branch in Bagumbayan, QC.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

Here are five reasons why this branch of the popular Chinese-American fastfood chain should be your fam’s go-to lunch place:

1. Convenient location

Panda Express Greenmeadows is conveniently located along one of the metro’s main thoroughfares, making it easily accessible to locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re coming in from Mass at Christ the King Church or plant-shopping in White Plains, or on your way to go malling at Eastwood City, this Panda Express branch is a great place to stop over for a quick and delicious family meal.

2. Comfy and welcoming surroundings

This outlet has a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. The restaurant is clean, well-lit, and spacious, decorated, of course, with Panda Express’ signature red, black and white colors.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

The staff are also friendly, accommodating, and quite efficient in serving your food.

3. Wide selection of dishes made with quality ingredients

Panda Express Greenmeadows offers a wide selection of ChineseAmerican dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences.

Its entree choices include the fan-fave Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Beijing Beef, Brocolli Beef, Savory Shrimp, Asian Grilled Chicken, Eggplant Tofu, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mongolian Pork, Black Pepper Steak, Kung Pao Fish and Wok-seared Steak & Shrimp.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

On the other hand, appetizers like Veggie Spring Roll, Chicken Egg Roll and Cream Cheese Wonton, as well as side dishes such as White Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, Chow Mein and Mixed Vegetables go so well with any entree.

Craving for something sweet? You can always for a Mango Sago, Ube Pastillas and Fortune Cookies.

Panda Express also prides itself on using high-quality ingredients in its dishes. The chain sources fresh produce and high-quality meats to ensure that every dish is delicious and nutritious.

4. Affordable and customizable meal options

Whether you’re game for a light meal or hankering for a monster-sized feast, Panda Express can cater to your appetite, thanks to its customizable options, allowing diners to create their own meal according to their appetite and preferences.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

Individuals can start by choosing a meal size:

  • Bowl (starts at Php285), consists of one entree and one side dish
  • Plate (starts at Php385), consists of two entrees and one side dish
  • Bigger Plate (starts at Php485), consist of three entrees and one side dish

However, you can get big savings as a group when you opt for a Family Feast (starts at Php1,495) which consists of three large entrees and two large side dishes, enough to satisfy four to five people.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

Panda Express’ portion sizes are generous, making it a great value for money. Customers can enjoy a filling and satisfying meal without breaking the bank and can even take leftovers home, thanks to those cute take-home boxes that the restaurant provides.

5. Fast service

Being a fast-food restaurant, Panda Express can guarantee that diners won’t have to wait long for their meal. In fact, frontline servers already plate the entrees, sides and other food items while the customers are ordering. After payment, the meals are ready to be taken to the table to be enjoyed.

Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows
Panda Express Greenmeadows

You’ve got a lot on your plate, even on Sundays, so take a load off on meal prep and kitchen work, and hie the fam over to Panda Express Greenmeadows for Sunday lunch, okay?

This Panda Express branch is located at the corner of Greenmeadows Avenue and Eugenio Rodriguez Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, open daily from 9am to 9pm. For inquiries, contact +63 2 85595491.

Other branches are located at:

  • Las Pinas: SM Southmall
  • Mandaluyong: SM Megamall
  • Marikina: Sumulong Highway
  • Muntinlupa: Shell SLT Southbound SLEX, Molito Lifestyle Center
  • Panaranaque: Soledad Place Betterliving
  • Pasay: DoubleDragon Center East
  • Quezon City: Holy Spirit Drive Don Antonio, SM Starts. Mesa, SM City North EDSA
  • San Juan: Greenhills Shopping Center

Panda Express also delivers via its website, as well as through GrabFood and FoodPanda.

To stay updated about its menu and offers, follow Panda Express on Facebook and Instagram.

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