HBO Asia horror anthology series FOLKLORE returns for a second season

Six Asian directors take fear to another level in the new season

HBO Asia Original horror anthology series Folklore, which features deeply rooted superstitions and myths across Asia,ramps up the fear factor with the return of a second season. The new six-episode season premieres November 14 at 10pm exclusively on HBO GO and HBO. A new episode will debut every Sunday at the same time.

Folklore Season 2 continues to dive into Asia’s myriad of traditions and beliefs. Set in six different Asian territories – Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, the series examines the human condition when exposed to supernatural phenomena in a mind-bending race against oneself with each story providing a different take and perspective. Each episode is directed by a local director from that territory.

Directors for this season include Shih-Han Liao from Taiwan, Seiko Matsuda from Japan, Sittisiri Mongkolsiri from Thailand, Erik Matti from the Philippines, Billy Christian from Indonesia and Nicole Midori Woodford from Singapore. Singapore’s award-winning filmmaker Eric Khoo returns as the showrunner.

Highlighting female directors from the region, Japanese pop superstar Seiko Matsuda makes her directorial debut, drawing from personal experience to present an original concept featuring a haunted Japanese idol, while Singaporean director Nicole Midori Woodford’s episode speaks to dealing with family trauma.

Folklore Season 2 also features an ensemble cast from all over Asia. The stellar line-up includes Vivian Sung Yun-Hwa (“Our Times”, “Lost Romance”), Wu Kang-Ren (HBO Asia Original series “The World Between Us”, “A Touch of Green”), Win Morisaki (“Ready Player One”, “Honki No Shirushi” (The Real Thing)), Jennis Oprasert (“Where We Belong”), Dolly de Leon (“Verdict”, “Midnight in a Perfect World”), Lydia Kando (“Boneka dari Indiana” (Doll from Indiana), “Kejarlah Jodoh Kau Kutangkap”) and Mindee Ong (“881”, “The Transcend”) in leading roles in the respective episodes. Produced with the support of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Folklore is HBO Asia’s very first horror anthology original series. Various episodes of Folklore Season 1 were screened at numerous major international film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada), SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain), Fantastic Fest (Texas, USA), Scream Fest (Singapore), Five Flavours Asian Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland), Asian World Film Fest (California, USA), Geneva International Film Festival (Geneva Switzerland), Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Trieste, Italy), Philadelphia Asian Film Festival (Philadelphia, USA), San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, USA), CinemAsia International Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Festival Series Mania (Lille, France), Tokyo International Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan), and Ehime International Film Festival (Ehime, Japan).

Episode Guide for Folklore Season 2

The Rope, premieres Sunday, November 14 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Shih-Han Liao (Taiwan) | Cast: Vivian Sung (Sung Yun-Hwa), Wu Kang-Ren

folklore s2 1

A newly-wed woman is walking home alone after a joyous wedding ceremony when she gets caught in a purification ritual performed for suicide victims. The ritual officers warn her that she will need to follow the ritual, or she will be cursed. However, she runs away despite their warning. Her life is turned upside down with strange phenomena and disturbing hauntings. Fearing that she has been cursed, she seeks aid from the Master of the purification ritual who confirms her worst fears. However, there’s more to the situation than meets the eye and she needs to get to the bottom of the mystery before it destroys her completely.

The Day the Wind Blew, premieres Sunday, November 21 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO 

Directed by: Seiko Matsuda (Japan) | Cast: Win Morisaki, Haori Takahashi

folklore s2 2

Mika is a schoolgirl who meets the man of her dreams – Ken, her favourite singer. As she takes her seat at Ken’s concert, nothing could be more perfect. Not only is she witness to a performance that is everything she’s expected and more, it seems he’s actually taken an interest in her. But something seems amiss. Ever since the day of the concert, a cold wind has stalked the woman’s path as her dream encounter is marred by a bone-chilling presence. What appears to be the beginning of a fairy tale love can only be described as a fable destined for a hellish end.

Broker Of Death, premieres Sunday, November 28 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Sittisiri Mongkolsiri (Thailand) Cast: Natee Ngamnaewprom (Ton), Jennis Oprasert

folklore s2 3

Manop is a 45-year-old single father who owns an amulet shop. It doesn’t pay him well, especially when he has to pay for his daughter’s exorbitant medical bills. In fact, his main source of income comes from being a “Broker of Death” – someone who trades in corpses. One day, he is told to pick up a dead body. The corpse is to be a part of the ritual so that a wealthy politician can have more power. Manop has to choose between two frightening options – ghost haunting or poverty.

7 Days Of Hell, premieres Sunday, December 5 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Erik Matti (Philippines) | Cast: Dolly de Leon, Roshson Barman

folklore s2 4

A righteous policewoman and mother races against time to save her son when he falls dangerously ill from an unknown cause. When her son is given only a few weeks to live, she discovers that his illness is of supernatural origin and that a powerful sorcerer has cursed him. The only way for her son to survive is for him to apologise and make amends to the sorcerer. As the clock ticks, she is sent on a desperate quest to save her son.

Grandma’s Kiss, premieres Sunday, December 12 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Billy Christian (Indonesia) | Cast: Lydia Kandou, Ken Zuraida

folklore s2 5

Marni is a new resident at a nursing home, having been left there by her daughter. She feels abandoned and longs for her old life. She suspects that her roommate Ningsih might be a supernatural being – a Palasik – haunting the home and able to make any wish come true if caught. Will Marni use the Palasik to get what she desires – her old life back?

The Excursion, premieres Sunday, December 19 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Nicole Midori Woodford (Singapore) | Cast: Mindee Ong, Ethan Ng, Darren Lim

folklore s2 6

A troubled mother is depressed and suffering from insomnia. Her husband is never at home and her son talks to an imaginary friend Under immense stress, she starts to see a ghostly, somehow familiar figure in her house. Her son’s erratic behaviour becomes dangerous and life-threatening. Can she save her son and her family before it’s too late?

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New HBO Original Series “On the Job” in competition at Venice Film Festival

The six-part crime thriller is a Philippines HBO Asia Original premiering first on HBO GO

WarnerMedia is giving Filipinos another reason to celebrate as it announced today the premiere of ON THE JOB (#OTJonHBOGO), a new HBO Asia Original series continuing the saga of Erik Matti’s 2013 film carrying the same name.

The engrossing six-part hour-long crime thriller series will premiere globally and exclusively on HBO GO in September. Inspired by true events, select episodes from the series will play in Competition at the prestigious 78th Venice Film Festival as On The Job: The Missing 8 in September. It is the only film from Asia out of the 21 international films in Competition at this year’s Venezia 78.

The series centres around crime syndicates that temporarily release contracted prison inmates to carry out political assassinations for those in power, except that the crime syndicates are run by politicians. The series also puts a spotlight on the real-world predicament concerning fake news and how easily truth can be manufactured and disseminated to the public in today’s age of information.

Conceived and directed by Erik Matti, the series in English and Filipino is filmed in the Philippines and stars Joel Torre, John Arcilla, Piolo Pascual, Dennis Trillo, Gerald Anderson, Joey Marquez, Dante Rivero, Christopher De Leon and Lotlot De Leon.

While the first two episodes of the series were shown as a film as part of the Director’s Fortnight at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival where it received a standing ovation, the episodes on HBO GO are remastered and include never-before-seen and exclusive content.

Produced by Reality MM Studios and Globe Studios, ON THE JOB is written by Michiko Yamamoto and Erik Matti and executive produced by Ronald “Dondon” Monteverde, Erik Matti, Joe Caliro and Quark Henares.

Watch Erik Matti’s other HBO Asia Original production, FOOD LORE: ISLAND OF DREAMS on HBO GO. Fans of crime dramas will enjoy other HBO Asia Originals on HBO GO such as TRINITY OF SHADOWS, THE HEAD, THE WORLD BETWEEN US and MISS SHERLOCK. Erik Matti is also directing an episode of the HBO Asia Original series Folklore Season 2 which will premiere later this year.

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HBO to premiere drama anthology inspired by Asian cuisines, FOOD LORE, on Nov 3

A brand new HBO Asia Original anthology drama series, FOOD LORE, will premiere Sunday, 3 November 2019 at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO. The eight-episode hour-long series explores human conditions with narratives inspired by Asian cuisines.

Helmed by award-winning Singaporean filmmaker Eric Khoo (“Ramen Teh”, “12 Storeys”), the series is shot in eight countries across Asia – India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and directed by some of Asia’s most talented storytellers including Erik Matti (“BuyBust”, “Honor Thy Father”) from the Philippines, Phan Dang Di (“Bi, Don’t Be Afraid”, “Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories”) from Vietnam, Billy Christian (“Tuyul: Part 1”, “The Sacred Riana: Beginning”) from Indonesia, Don Aravind (“Angel”, “Drive”) from Singapore, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (“Headshot”, “Last Life in the Universe”) from Thailand, Takumi Saitoh (“Blank 13”, “Hannbun no Sekai”) from Japan and Ho Yuhang (“Trespassed”, “Mrs. K”) from Malaysia.

Like a favourite dish from home, each story is a flavour of love and set to tease the senses. Viewers will be taken on an emotional journey filled with passion, treasured memories and a little spice of Asia. Each episode possesses a distinct voice, tone, and narrative.

The first two episodes, the Vietnam episode, FOOD LORE: He Serves Fish, She Eats Flower, and the Philippines episode, FOOD LORE: Island of Dreams, will make its world debut at this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) on 30 October and 31 October respectively. TIFF started in 1985 as Japan’s first major film festival and since has grown to become one of the leading film festivals in Asia.

Premiering at Singapore International Film Festival later on 24 November, the India episode, FOOD LORE: A Plate of Moon, will also be making a world debut. This is the first time an HBO Asia Original will be presented at either festival.

Episode 1 – FOOD LORE: Island of Dreams
Premiere: Sunday, 3 November at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
Dreaming of a brighter future for her family, Nieves leaves her husband and children to work as a domestic helper in Manila. Returning home for the annual fiesta, Nieves soon realises that she may have grown estranged from her beloved family as her jubilant homecoming takes an unexpected turn.
Cast: Angeli Bayani, John Marvin C. Nieto, Irina Guillen Feleo
Directed by: Erik Matti
Set and filmed in the Philippines.

Episode 2 – FOOD LORE: He Serves Fish, She Eats Flower
Premiere: Sunday, 10 November at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
Set in Ho Chi Minh City, a charismatic Japanese chef, Thang, woos a beautiful stewardess with a special tofu dessert and wins her heart. They begin a whirlwind romance but soon discover their irreconcilable differences about food and love. In his desperation, Thang attempts one last culinary experiment to keep her in his life.
Cast: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Lanh Thanh
Directed by: Phan Dang Di
Set and filmed in Vietnam.

Episode 3 – FOOD LORE: Maria’s Secret Recipe
Premiere: Sunday, 17 November at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
When a mysterious woman, Maria, arrives on the shores of a small traditional Indonesian village to set up her food stall, the men are mesmerised by her sumptuous cooking and sensuality – much to their wives’ dismay. In a desperate attempt to satisfy her husband, a lonely wife, Ratih, approaches Maria for her secret recipe. What can Maria teach her about her exquisite creations and importantly, who is Maria?
Cast: Putri Ayudya, Alexandra Gottardo, Dian Sidik
Directed by: Billy Christian
Set and filmed in Indonesia.

Episode 4 – FOOD LORE: A Plate of Moon
Premiere: Sunday, 24 November at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
Anbu, a reluctant young domestic helper from India, has been hired to care for Raja, an elderly man in Singapore suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Amidst their struggles and differences, they bond over food, love, and memories. Just when all seems to be going well, an unexpected piece of news sends Anbu’s world unravelling again.
Cast: Magalakshmi D/O Sudarsanan, Jaivant Viknesh N, A. Panneeirchelvam
Directed by: Don Aravind
Set and filmed in India and Singapore.

Episode 5 – FOOD LORE: The Caterer
Premiere: Sunday, 1 December at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
An arrogant American actor arrives in Thailand for the first time to star in a horror film. Disgusted by the exotic Thai cuisine served, he sticks to what he knows best: burgers and donuts. Everything changes when he tastes the soup cooked by the production caterer.
Cast: Thanyarat Praditthaen, Thomas Burton van Blarcom, Marisa Kittelberger
Directed by: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Set and filmed in Thailand.
Note: This episode shares the same main cast as the HBO Asia Original “FOLKLORE: POB”, and tells the story of what goes on behind the scenes.

Episode 6 – FOOD LORE: Tamarind
Debut: Sunday, 8 December at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
French chef, Julie, who is new in Singapore, seeks the help of Irfan, a struggling Malay hawker to create a new fusion dish. As their worlds collide, a friendship brews between them as they work together on an exploration of food, flavour and feelings.
Cast: Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahman, Valentine Payen, Dayang Nurbalqis
Directed by: Eric Khoo
Set and filmed in Singapore.

Episode 7 – FOOD LORE: Life in a Box
Debut: Sunday, 15 December at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
An uninspired picture book author. A recent widower and his teenage daughter. An elderly retired wrestler. Their lonely paths intersect during a quiet train ride away from busy Tokyo as the group revisits memories long forgotten and rediscovers hope on their journey of nostalgia, memory and love.
Cast: Ken Yasuda, Asuka Kawatoko, Akihisa Mera, Yuko Ando, Chieko Matsubara
Directed by: Takumi Saitoh
Set and filmed in Japan.

Episode 8 – FOOD LORE: Stray Dogs
Debut: Sunday, 22 December at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO
An ambitious young businessman, Tim, hopes to start a restaurant franchise with the bad-tempered, yet genius chef, Maki, in Kuala Lumpur. The grouchy chef rejects Tim, but they gradually form an unlikely friendship. When Tim discovers Maki’s secret sambal recipe, he is torn between his desire to sell the recipe and his loyalty to his friend.
Cast: Wilson Tin, Fabian Loo
Directed by: Ho Yuhang
Set and filmed in Malaysia.

FOOD LORE, is produced by Singapore-based company Bert Pictures and part of a two-year partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore. Through a series of workshops and collaborations with local companies and talent on HBO Asia Original productions, the partnership aims to develop the content production capabilities of Singapore’s media industry.

HBO Asia started producing Original productions in 2012 and has produced a range of Asian Original productions including series, movies and documentaries. To date, HBO Asia has produced and aired 18 Asian Original productions with more in the pipeline.

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