Sun Life’s D.E.A.L.: Empowering first-time insurance buyers with a new digital platform

As a new wave of college graduates prepares to enter the workforce, it is crucial to ensure they start building their financial portfolios on a solid foundation. Sun Life recognizes this need and is committed to promoting its digital life insurance products through GCash, the leading mobile wallet in the country.

The Importance of Insurance for Young Adults

Many young individuals overlook the significance of insurance when starting their financial journey. However, Sun Life emphasizes the benefits of securing insurance products at a young age. Not only does it help foster smart financial habits, but it also enables individuals to stay on track with their financial goals. Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., explains, “Our tie-up with GCash contributes to this goal because together, we can offer insurance that’s both affordable and accessible.”

Sun Life and GCash Collaboration

Through the partnership between Sun Life and GCash, first-time insurance buyers can experience the advantages of being insured without the burden of high premium costs. Sun Life’s “Digital, Easy, Affordable, Life insurance” (D.E.A.L.) products are available through GCash’s GLife and GInsure platforms.

Sun Life’s D.E.A.L. Insurance Products

The D.E.A.L. insurance products provided by Sun Life cater to different needs and include the following:

  1. Life Armor. This life insurance product offers coverage to protect individuals and their loved ones in the event of unexpected circumstances.
  2. Personal Accident Armor. Designed to provide financial support in the case of accidents, this insurance product ensures individuals have coverage for personal accidents and related expenses.
  3. Byahero Protect. Aimed at travelers, this insurance product offers personal accident coverage along with hospital income benefits and burial benefits for accidents that occur during land travel.

Empowering the Younger Generation

Sun Life’s D.E.A.L. aims to help the younger generation invest in their financial preparedness for the future. The company firmly believes that the financial security of young individuals serves as a strong foundation for nation building among the Filipino people.

For those seeking affordable financial security, Sun Life’s D.E.A.L. insurance products provide an excellent solution. To explore and learn more about these products, visit Sun Life’s official website at

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Sun Life flexes dominance as #1 life insurer in the Philippines

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (Sun Life) once again flexes its dominance in the Philippine  life insurance industry by ranking No. 1 in both the Total Premium Income and New Business  categories. 

According to a report posted by the Insurance Commission (IC) on its website, Sun Life landed on  the top spot in terms of Total Premium Income, with earnings reaching more than 52.6 billion as  of December 31, 2022. The top position for this category has been held by the company for 12  straight years, proving the stability and solid strength of the organization.  

In parallel results, Sun Life also led in the New Business category by generating more than 9.7  billion worth of new business, eclipsing the figures of the nearest contender within the same  period.  

Alex Narciso, President, Sun Life of (Canada) Philippines, Inc
Sun Life President Alex Narciso
Benedict Sison, CEO & Country Head, Sun Life Philippines
Sun Life CEO and Country Head Benedict Sison

“More than anything, being No. 1 reflects the confidence of our clients who have chosen Sun Life  to be their partner in securing their future. We thank them for the privilege,” says Sun Life President Alex Narciso. “Rest assured that we will continue to strive to be worthy of their trust.” 

Meanwhile, Sun Life CEO and Country Head Benedict Sison lauded the company’s advisors and  employees. “This accomplishment is the result of everyone’s concerted efforts, as we strive to  bring our clients a delightful experience throughout their financial journey. This affirms that  anchoring ourselves on our clients and our purpose to help them achieve lifetime financial  security and live healthier lives will always lead us to great results, and we are inspired to do  more,” he said. 

Now on its 128th year, Sun Life pioneered life insurance in the Philippines and remains to be the  longest-standing insurer in the country. The news about its No. 1 ranking comes on the heels of  the announcement by the Trusted Brand Awards that Sun Life has once again earned the Platinum  Award in both the Insurance and Investment Fund Company categories for 13 years in a row. 

About Sun Life

Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing asset management,  wealth, insurance and health solutions to individual and institutional Clients. Sun Life has  operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United  Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore,  

Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of December 31, 2022, Sun Life had total assets under  management of CAD 1.33 trillion. For more information, please visit  

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock  exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

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