Celebrate the beauty of Flores de Mayo with the vivo V27 Series and #TheAuraPortraitMaster

No occasion is too small for Filipinos. When it comes to celebrations and festivals, Filipinos spare no effort to make each event as, if not more, memorable than the last one. 

Expect no less with the Flores de Mayo. In this month-long celebration of Filipinos’ devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, towns get adorned in vibrant colors, churches are filled with a kaleidoscope of flowers and people gather together to celebrate fiestas. Besides the gastronomic delights, there is singing and dancing, even bands and contests to cap the night off.. For many, the most anticipated part is the Santacruzan, a grand parade of young women and men dressed as queens and kings of old in commemoration of Saint Helena’s quest for the Sacred Cross. 

This Flores de Mayo, step up the merrymaking a notch and don’t just immerse yourself in all the festivities. Even better, capture all the glory and story of the celebration in their vibrant colors and beauty with the vivo V27 Series, the Aura Portrait Master. With its new and advanced camera features, the vivo V27 Series lets you preserve in posterity all the special moments of your Flores de Mayo to relive even years later.

One, two, three…say Reyna!

Is a dear friend or cousin  at the Santacruzan this year and you’re the designated photographer? Or are you there just to watch the parade? 

Either way, you’re sure to capture all the stunning ladies in their dazzling gowns and their dashing escorts with the vivo V27 Series. With its most advanced camera yet, vivo makes it possible to take great, studio-quality photos of all the queens in all their splendid aura without the need for a professional camera. 

The vivo V27 Series is powered by the first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm, a camera system made up of three features — the Sony IMX766V, the Aura Light and vivo’s Advanced Portrait Mode. 

The Sony IMX766V, vivo’s newest and largest camera sensors, boosts image quality and vibrance by increasing the amount of light six times when photos are shot at low-light conditions to yield images that are bright and vivid. Aura Light, vivo’s new upgraded camera flash that resembles the appearance and capabilities of a ring light, is designed specifically for taking portraits. This feature evenly lights up your subject’s face for more refined skin tones and rich facial details. With the Sony IMX766V and the Aura Light combined, your portraits can reflect the natural beauty of all the Santacruzan queens and escorts as well as the colors and intricate details of their outfits, the flowers and arcs. 

vivo’s Advanced Portrait Mode further enriches photo quality. This feature, supported by vivo’s Exclusive Portrait Algorithm, beautifies and retouches each image using vivo’s AI algorithm to give your subject a more natural and healthier appearance without making exaggerated enhancements. It also supports a new Low-Light Portrait feature that adds tones to the background to make it more radiant and bring out stunning details and emotions. The Portrait Mode works harmoniously with the Aura Light, a feat ordinary smartphone cameras have yet to make possible. 

With the Aura Portrait Algorithm, everything that you need to take professional, studio-level photos is already at your fingertips in a smartphone that fits right in your pocket. Don’t miss your chance to capture all the special moments of your local Santacruzan with your new and powerful vivo V27 Series! 

Film, edit and post

If photos are not nearly enough to chronicle the beauty and grandeur of the Flores de Mayo festivities, videos will. The vivo V27 Series packs EIS + OIS Dual-Ultra Stabilization for stable recording of all street performances and parades. This feature reduces shakes and jitters during filming to help you better highlight the elegance and smiles of your Santacruzan queensFor when the parade and celebrations run long, toggle on the Super Night Video feature to ensure you still get clear and detailed output even when the sun sets or the festivities extend into the evening. 

When you’ve got all the videos you want, vivo’s exclusive Vlog Movie Creator can help you put all of them together into one fantastic vlog. Edit without the fuss and hassle, thanks to vivo V27 Series’ easy-to-use techniques and built-in video effects and features, allowing you to share your Flores de Mayo experience with your friends and followers as if they were there. 

Take advantage of this month-long festival to showcase your photography and video prowess. With the vivo V27 Series’ advanced camera features, you will surely capture every glorious moment of all May celebrations. 

The vivo V27 Series is available for purchase at vivo’s official stores nationwide. You may also get your vivo V27 Series at vivo’s vivo’s official websiteand Shopee, Lazada and TikTok stores.

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Capture your best moments on your wedding day with the vivo V27 Series, #TheAuraPortraitMaster

Photographs and videos are special not only because they remind us of our precious memories but because they take us back to a time when we were with the people we love most. They are special because they remind us to be in the moment, to let life happen, and to just be.

For one of the most special moments of your adult life, such as your wedding, you would surely want to take as many memories as possible, and for your photographs and videos to be as close to reality and vibrant as your most special day.

Chapters PH, a team of creative visual storytellers that offers creative direction, production and post-production services, collaborated with vivo to capture your dream wedding and document your journey onto the next chapter of your life using #TheAuraPortraitMaster vivo V27 Series.

Vivo V27 Series

Enter the blushing bride

Have the magical moment captured as you enter the room and dazzle the groom and the rest of the guests. Preserve that blushing bride ephemeral beauty with the innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm exclusive to vivo. The ring light gives off a soft light effect, commonly used in professional studios, that highlights delicate features without compromising vivid and clear image quality. As you walk down the aisle, make sure you have saved memories not only of the details of your gown but also the thousand emotions running across the faces of your parents and other important people in the couple’s lives.

Powered by the Sony IMX 766V Ultra Sensing sensor, another exclusive innovation for vivo, as well as its 50MP AF front vlogging camera, 8MP super wide-angle camera and 2MP macro camera, no moment goes undocumented and no happy tears are forgotten.

A montage to remember

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, have the power to tell the story of how your love started, how you prepared for your special day or record a message to your future self when you celebrate your 10th or 20th wedding anniversary. Let Chapters PH and vivo V27 Series help you produce a wedding video to remember and cherish with the help of their creative and passionate team. No more compromising the thrill of the moment just to shoot a steady video – you can be jumping and dancing around and the vivo V27 will capture your fun, lively movement, sans the shake and blur, thanks to vivo V27 Series’ EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization capability. Explore the wide range of video enhancements from filters and effects, and create a cinematic presentation that the wedding guests will talk about long after the wedding is done.

Onto the next lifetime with you

Capture the energy and vibrance of the night as you dance and laugh the night away with the vivo V27 Series’ real-time extreme night vision feature that detects light and automatically adjusts to make sure all footage remains vivid. Take beautiful night shots with the whole fam and your life partner and let your intelligent phone adjust the colors, highlights and brightness to take a picturesque shot. Turn on the XDR Photo feature to capture the beauty of the sunset or fireworks display as well the vibrance of your smiles. This feature efficiently captures high light contrast images and adjusts the tone to make photos much more vibrant – with peak brightness reflecting what the human eye sees.

Happily ever after 

Have a studio in your pocket and effortlessly document life’s best moments with the vivo V27 Series. The capabilities of a professional camera without the complexity of buttons, dials and bulky build are beautifully wrapped in an ultra-thin 7.36mm smartphone. Watch the full wedding video documentary of Chapters PH using the vivo V27 5G here.  

Keep making great moments and let the vivo V27 Series capture you in your best light. Visit any of vivo’s offline stores or vivo’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok shops and capture beautiful memories to cherish.

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Take stunning nighttime photos with the new vivo V27 Series 5G, The Aura Portrait Master

When the sun goes down, the majestic city lights start to shine. Coffee turns into spirited drinks and slow music into electronic beats. You go dancing with your friends and have the time of your life. But the next morning, you barely remember anything from the night before and your blurry photos are not any help. 

Let no amazing moment go undocumented! The vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master, features first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm to produce photos with professional, studio-level quality. The latest addition to vivo’s V smartphone line and its newest release in the Philippines, the vivo V27 Series upgrades the industry-standard camera flash, sensors and portrait capabilities so you are assured of high-quality photos whether you’re shooting at night or in low-light locations.

Light up your aura with the Aura Light

Ever wonder why night photos do not come out vivid and clear even when you’re already using your flash? That is because ordinary camera flashes are designed to just light up a certain range around you. They are not specifically created for taking portraits. 

vivo V27 Series’ Aura Light was designed to properly illuminate the subject’s face and create even lighting to keep the skin refined when taking photos in low-light environments. When it is toggled on, the camera automatically detects the ambient light and adjusts the Aura Light’s intensity based on the environment in order to produce night photos with clearer facial details without over- or underexposing the subject’s face.  

Go and take as many photos with your friends or pose in your best aura underneath the spinning disco ball. No need to search for the spot with the best lighting. Just turn the Aura Light on and your portraits will surely come out as sensational as you!

Make night shots vibrant with the Sony IMX766V sensor

They say the bigger the sensors, the higher the image quality. vivo made upgrades to its flagship standard sensors by making them ultra-large and ultra-clear. 

The vivo V27 Series’ camera is powered by the new Sony IMX766V sensor that is now 59 percent bigger in effective sensor size and 104 percent bigger in single-pixel size. By enlarging the sensors, the camera has 145 percent more light intake, which effectively boosts image quality and vibrance and makes images appear brighter and vivid even when they are taken in low-light conditions.

The new sensors also include the industry-leading Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, which can handle all kinds of light situations and gets rid of jitters. Say goodbye to blurry night images because with the new ultra-clear sensors, photos you take during your night out with the squad will come out with clear details and more authentic colors. Don’t hesitate to take photos even if you’re right in the middle of the dance floor as the vivo V27 Series’ also comes with the EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization that can take a photo or video of you and your friends busting those awesome moves in great detail.

Set the vibe with the vivo V27’s Advanced Portrait Mode

The vivo V27 Series’ portrait mode is now supported by vivo’s Exclusive Portrait Algorithms. This new portrait mode helps understand, beautify and enhance portraits. 

To make sure that your subject has a natural and healthy appearance, the vivo V27 Series’ portrait mode decodes information about your subject and coordinates with up to 103 facial points. The portrait mode’s AI algorithm retouches your subject’s face but without making unrealistic over-enhancements. 

The portrait mode also creates a balance between your subject and the background using the new Low-Light Portrait feature. When the Low-Light Portrait feature is turned on, the Aura Light automatically turns on as well. The Aura Light will light up the subject’s face while the Low-Light Portrait enhances the background by adding tones, thereby creating a warm and vivid vibe. The resulting image then is not only high quality with stunning details but also depicts the same exciting and vibrant moment during which it was taken. 

The Aura Light, the Sony IMX766V and the advanced Portrait Mode all create the newest and first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm. Don’t let your night out outfit go to waste. Capture every exciting moment of your night out and let your best aura shine with the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master. 

The vivo V27e retails for PHP16,999 while the vivo V27 5G lists at PHP24,999. Both variants are now available for purchase in all vivo official stores nationwide. They are also available for purchase on vivo’s official website and Shopee, Lazada and TikTok pages.

Details provided in a recent press release.

The first-ever pocket studio device in the industry, the vivo V27 Series, now officially released

One of the top smartphone manufacturers in the Philippines, vivo, has formally introduced the newest model in its V line-up, the vivo V27 Series. The Aura Portrait Algorithm, a first-of-its-kind technology in the market, is featured in this new flagship smartphone and will up customers’ mobile photography game by putting a studio-level experience directly in their hands.

The vivo V27 5G and vivo V27e are the two models available in this new lineup. Fans may pre-order the vivo V27e from March 22 through March 29 on the company’s official online store, while they can do the same for the vivo V27 5G from April 10 through April 16.

With the vivo V27 Series, branded The Aura Portrait Master, the company urges its followers to project their best aura at all times and in any location.

Easy Way to Take Studio-Quality Photographs

The vivo V27 Series is jam-packed with a fresh innovation in smartphone image technology, just like earlier V series handsets that offer top-of-the-line camera features. The Aura Portrait Algorithm technology, vivo’s most recent innovation, is present in both variations of the V27 Series. vivo’s answer to address all three facets of the light and imaging processing journey is this first-in-industry feature. The first is the Aura Light, a built-in ring light that acts as an additional light source while producing a smoother and more refined effect than the typical phone camera flash.

vivo V27 Launch
vivo V27 Launch

The 50MP OIS Ultra Sensing primary camera, a first in the V Series history of vivo, is the second component of this camera system, particularly in the vivo V27 5G edition. The ultra-large 1/1.56″ sensor size of this flagship sensor allows 145 percent more light intake for a stronger picture quality even in dim lighting conditions. To capture HD quality and vibrant photographs, the V27e variant’s 64MP OIS Ultra Sensing Camera and Super Night Vision feature are available.

Last but not least, this upgrade features vivo’s complete and exclusive line of Portrait Algorithms, which perfectly synchronize hardware and software. The vivo V27 Series’ Aura Portrait Algorithm function, which intelligently adjusts the lighting to the scene – whether day or night – to capture studio-quality portraits, is completed by all three of these elements.

Vlogging Made Easier and More Fun

Up until you get home and realize your images are shaky and fuzzy, great excursions are some of the best times to vlog. The vivo V27 Series, supported by the EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization function, can help you avoid this accident. Even without additional equipment like selfie sticks and gimbals, this imaging technology enables users to take the most steady video recordings possible.

vivo V27 Launch
vivo V27 Launch

With the help of the vivo V27 5G’s 50MP Eye AF Vlogging camera and the vivo V27e’s 32MP Vlogging lens, vivo also made sure that users could take high-quality films with either the back or the front lens.

Plus, vivo enables its users to produce more creative videos worth-sharing on social media through the vivo V27 Series’ Microfilm feature. This serves as a one stop solution where users can edit vlogs with just a few clicks, access 26 effect templates for free, use built-in professional standard video enhancement software, and enjoy a hassle-free vlog making experience.

Premium Design without Compromising Comfort

The series features fresh colorways that are simple to match to consumers’ individual tastes. The vivo V27 5G variant exudes sophistication with its Emerald Green color scheme, which has been enhanced with the company’s patented photochromic 2.0 technology design. This technology is now more responsive to light, has a faster color-changing process than its predecessor, and is a vivo trademark.

vivo V27 Launch
vivo V27 Launch

The vivo V27e, on the other hand, comes in two striking colorways: Glory Black combined with the sparkling fluorite AG effect for a delicate and opulent finish, and the eye-catching Lavender Purple coloring made possible by vivo’s photolithography technology to generate its dazzling peacock feathers pattern.

In addition to the color schemes of the vivo V27 Series, both models have a sleek and comfy frame. The vivo V27 5G has a 7.36mm 3D-Curved Screen, making it the thinnest curved screen in the history of the vivo V Series.

Powerful Flagship Performance

Inside the vivo V27 5G’s slim and compact body is a MediaTek D7200 4nm chipset that supports Dual-Mode 5G and Dual 5G Standby to balance performance and power consumption. Along with a powerful processor, the vivo V27 Series offers a bigger update with the help of vivo’s Extended RAM 3.0. With this technology,  vivo V27 5G’s 12GB RAM and vivo V27e’s 8GB RAM can support up to 8GB extension that allows multiple and large-scale apps to smoothly run in the background simultaneously. Both variants are also packed with 256GB ROM so users can store as many files as they want.

vivo V27 Series also takes users’ productivity to the next level with its all-day battery which has a doubled life span that can handle up to 1,600 charge cycles. It is also boosted with a 66W FastCharge feature to quickly recharge the phone’s power from 0 to 50 percent in just 19 minutes. 

Pricing and Availability

With vivo V27 Series and its  innovative camera features, enjoy the pocket studio experience and bring out your best aura whenever, wherever you are. Both the vivo V27 5G and the vivo V27e are packed with powerful features inside, giving them the ability to keep up with today’s demanding lifestyles.

The vivo V27 5G is priced at PHP24,999 while the vivo V27e sells at PHP16,999. Pre-order starts on March 22-29 exclusively in vivo’s E-store for vivo V27e variant where fans can take advantage of up to 3 months installment with 0 percent interest via credit cards. On the other hand, the vivo V27 5G variant is available for pre-order on April 10-16.

Early birds can also take home a TWS Bluetooth headset or a vivo VIP Card for every purchase of V27 Series phones online until supplies last.

Get it through Home Credit

Both committed to helping Filipinos with their tech and lifestyle needs, vivo and Home Credit Philippines partnered to offer flexible payment terms and low monthly installment rates. Choose which installment plan works best for you, whether that’s 9, 12 or even 18 months! Use the My Home Credit app for faster, easier and better integrated loan transactions.

  • vivo V27e: Get this premium phone for as low as 10 percent initial down payment and zero interest rate. Choose a flexible installment term of up to 18 months – that’s only PHP877 a month!
  • vivo V27 5G: Grab the vivo V27 5G variant with EIS+OIS Dual Ultra-Stabilization and Sony IMX766V for vivid footages for as low as PHP1,289 a month! Even better, get it for an initial down payment as low as 10 percent and up to 18 months installment.

Earn rewards with your credit card

Major credit card providers also let you purchase this new must-have phone without the hassle. What’s more, earn rewards and build your credit score as you purchase the vivo V27 Series. 

  • vivo V27e: Experience a great deal and pay as low as PHP708.29 monthly for up to 24 months installments – and that’s with 0 percent interest, too! Now you can wear this stylish phone with a minimalist design, thin grip and flat frame as an accessory and seamlessly pair it with your work or casual attire. 
  • vivo V27 5G: Grab this exciting deal and pay as low as PHP1,041.63 per month up to 24 months at 0 percent interest. Experience an immersive gaming session without lag and unexpected performance malfunction as the vivo V27 Series is powered by MediaTek D7200. This high-end processor promises performance boost,  quicker processing speed, and significantly lower power consumption over the previous generation.

To know more about the vivo V27 Series, visit vivo’s official website, or follow them on their official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Details provided in a recent press release.

Launch event photos by Nix of I Eat And I Wander.