We wanted it quick and cheap at Ersao, Tomas Morato

Sometimes, our food choices are determined by the limitations to our time and funds.  One such instance drove me and a friend to have lunch at the nearby branch of Ersao.

Ersao is a Taiwanese restaurant offering affordably priced snacks and side dishes, rice toppings and hot noodle dishes.  As we have meetings before and after our lunch break, a friend and I opted to get a quick and affordable meal at Ersao at M Place which is within walking distance from our office building.

The store occupies a small space with seating good for up to twenty people.  Even though it was lunchtime, the place was still quite deserted and we were able to order and get a seat with minimum fuss.

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Ersao, Tomas Morato

My friend opted for the Taiwan Style Rice Porridge (Php180), basically a rice congee with meat bits and aromatics.  Served hot, it can be quite comforting to the soul while filling to the tummy. She supplemented her meal with an order of Gyoza (Php110) for some added protein.

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Given the relatively low price of the offerings in this resto, I decided to splurge a bit and got myself a Pork Steak (Php170) and a Pearl Milk Tea (Php99).

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Ersao, Tomas Morato

The meal sated our hunger but left me wanting in terms of taste.  The pork steak, in particular, was too liberally seasoned, giving a sense of umay such that I wasn’t able to finish my meal.

Ersao, Tomas Morato

Well, we wanted our lunch quick and cheap, and that’s what we got.  Too bad we didn’t include flavor in our criteria.

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