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Li’l Twinkies showcases fun parenting baby products at Momzilla Fair


New and expectant mommies were able to get sneak peeks into the latest and best of baby care products at the 12th Momzilla Fair held at the Fifth at Rockwell Event Center. Together with fellow mumshie Sherile of Shescapades, I scoured the event for some great finds.

Li’l Twinkies, one of the participating brands, is a maker of high-grade and safe parenting tools that facilitates effective baby care and infant nursing. Believing that a fun parenting experience leads to stronger and happier bonds between parents and children, it advocates joyful and convenient parenting through safe and easy-to-use products for milk storage, feeding utensils, teethers and health accessories.

For instance, many new moms may feel apprehensive at the prospect of breastfeeding. Working mommies, in particular, would need to find a way to conveniently store their nutritious breastmilk until they can bring it home from their workplace.

Fortunately, Li’l Twinkies Milk Storage Bags – made with safe and non-toxic materials – are freezer-safe self-standing bags that made extra durable with their dual layered seams and double zipper seal to lock in freshness. Each bag can hold up to 8oz/250ml of breastmilk for later consumption. Breastfeeding moms can rest easy, knowing that their precious milk expressed at work or elsewhere will reach their babies safely and with freshness intact.

Breastfeeding moms are also sometimes faced with the hassle of leaking milk in between feedings. Recognizing that every drop of breastmilk counts, Li’l Twinkies Milk Collection Shells are designed to fit most maternity bras to effectively and hygienically catch these leaks, while protecting nipples made sensitive breastfeeding or milk pumping. Their pour spouts facilitates easy transfer of the collected breastmilk to a feeding bottle or milk storage bag.

And speaking of feeding bottles, some moms would probably notice that their babies have some trouble adjusting from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. With this in mind, Li’l Twinkies launched its NutriLatch Baby Feeding Bottle. Its super-wide teat approximates the texture and feeding motion learned from breast-feeding, facilitating hassle-free switching between the breast and bottle. It also features dual anti-colic air ventilating valves that reduces gas intake, thereby lessening babies’ burps and discomforts.

Moms of babies four months and older are faced with quite a challenge: teething. At this point, babies’ first teeth begin to emerge, resulting in itchy and sore gums, as well as cranky babies. They would be happy to know that products are available to help them comfort their littles ones at this important – if uncomfortable – stage.

Li’l Twinkies Sensory Teethers, for instance, are made for babies’ easy grip so they can bite into them for comfort while stimulating their senses and curiosity with the teethers’ attractive designs and multi-sensory features. Li’l Twinkies Teethers with Clip, on the other hand, have the added clip-on feature that facilitates babies’ easy access to their soothing teethers whenever they feel the need.

Another options is to wrap babies’s hand with Wrap Li’l Twinkies Chewy Mittens. With these, babies can also entertain themselves – and learn to self-soothe – when they hear the cute rattling sound from the mittens whenever they move.

Moms worried about keeping their babies’ items clean and hygienic have a new go-to device: Li’l Twinkies Magic UV Wand Sanitizer. Using this is a chemical-free way to sterilize babies’ bottles, toys, play pens and other items using UV germicidal technology. What’s more, it has an automatic temporary shut-off switch when face-up to safeguard the user’s eyes. Its portable size makes it a must-have for on-the-go moms.

Li’l Twinkies has loads more of innovative items that make baby care easy and fun. (In fact, I’ll be writing more about its Silicone Baby Feeding Set in a later post). I’m absolutely thrilled that products like these are available to make parenting even more rewarding for new moms.

Check out its various products at the Booth C28 at the ongoing 12th Momzilla Fair at the Fifth at Rockwell, R5 Level, Power Plant Mall, Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati. During the fair, enjoy 20% discount on the featured products. The fair will run until March 3.

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You can also shop for Li’l Twinkies products online at Shopee and Babymama.