New kiddie show “Snail Trail” coming this July on BabyTV

Far from being just a boob-tube, TV presents a lot of learning opportunities for its viewers.

For instance, growing babies and toddlers can benefit from the BabyTV’s round-the-clock shows adapted to their needs and abilities, and developed with the help of content and childhood experts.

This July, BabyTV brings a brand new show for the little ones to enjoy:


Snail Trail 2.png

A friendly snail explorer ventures outdoors to investigate the wild. On his journeys he meets different animals and makes important discoveries about their lifestyle and habits by asking some very funny questions.

The kiddies can also continue to enjoy their favorite show aired daily on BabyTV:


Billy Bam Bam

Billy and BamBam never get bored – they manage to find creative and fun ways to play with everything – leaves, bowls, socks and even oranges! This cute pair are sure to put a smile on your child’s face with their contagious laughter and cheerfulness. Each episode ends with a fun song written especially for Billy and BamBam!

BabyTV is the world’s leading baby and toddler network for children ages four and under and their parents, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. It features top quality, original and exclusive shows, created by child development experts and designed for for children and parents to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes and lovable characters.

If you’re a SKYcable subscriber, you can add BabyTV to your cable TV subscription plan for only Php20/month. To subscribe to BabyTV and other kids channels, click here.

Until June 7, watch BabyTV’s fun kiddie learning programs for free along with other channels with a deluge of shows as SKYcable opens up its HD and standard definition channels to its subscribers. For more details, visit

Show details and images provided by BabyTV.

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How moms can nurture a love for reading among kids

With all content available in a myriad of forms and platforms, sometimes we parents wonder how we can instill a love of reading among our kids.

Wishing to do so is not being out of touch with the times. Studies have shown that avid readers have certain advantages over their peers. Since reading is a more complex activity than watching video content on television or other gadgets, it helps to exercise their brains, improving concentration and imagination, as well as their vocabulary and language skills. A well-read child may have a better and more expansive understanding of the world around him and may be able to develop empathy for others.

MomSchool 3.0, Mommy Mundo

In a recent Mommy Mundo #MomSchool learning session “Raising Readers and Writers in the Digital Age,” mom and Keys School literacy coordinator Monica Lopez Javier shared some insights and tips on how parents can help foster a love of reading among their kids.

MomSchool, Mommy Mundo

For Teacher Monica, talking to your kids starting from early childhood is very important.

“Talk is the foundation of learning,” she shares. “Through language, meaning is built.”

She encourages parents to develop oral language at home, to facilitate kids in communicating and interacting with them. Kids should learn how to tell stories to learn how to put the things and situations around them in perspective or context.

Some tips she shared include:

  • Respect their think time. Younger children take time respond to your conversation prompts. Allow them the time to process the conversation and respond to you.
  • Establish rituals of conversation. Make time when you’re available to converse with your kids. Set up long talks with the kids when you can communicate with them at length.
  • Talk about complex topics. As kids grow older, allow them to process more complex ideas as they communicate with you. When letting them talk about their day, ask them what they learned or what they plan to do.
  • Don’t shy away from trouble stories. Don’t raise your kids in a bubble. For example, tell them about the bad day you’re having and how you cope with it. They will be able to express to you their similar emotions as well as model their response to challenging situations after yours.
  • Teach them to listen. Kids should be encouraged to respond thoughtfully. Help them understand that when they listen, even to opposing views, their ideas can grow.
  • Support their language development through reading. Kids’ vocabularies are better developed by reading. It also through reading that they encounter fresh concepts and ideas. Parents are encouraged to read aloud to younger kids so that children will develop a love for words and imagination that reading affords. For older children, parents are urged to discuss the books that the kids read; this will help them process what they learn from books and develop critical thinking.

Parents may be worried that buying more and more books may be a strain on the budget. Teacher Monica advises looking for libraries in your area where you or your kids can borrow books.

Growing up as a child of a reader, and becoming an avid reader myself, I can attest to the hours of enjoyment and the fun of discovery that I experienced since childhood. Being a reader has also informed my writing and my current work in marketing and in blogging.

Novotel Manila Araneta Center

MomSchool 3.0, Mommy Mundo

I’m proud that I have helped to instill the same love for reading in my daughter.

MomSchool, Mommy Mundo

MomSchool, Mommy Mundo

This #MomSchool learning session held at the Ayala The 30th Activity Center was organized by Mommy Mundo, a community of moms dedicated to making motherhood easier, happier and more fulfilling for every mom through various avenues and activities. Upcoming events by Mommy Mundo for the year are slated on these dates:

  • March 16-17: Mommy Mundo World (The 5th at Rockwell)
  • May 17-19: Expo Mom Manila (Glorietta)
  • June 29-30: Expo Mom South (Alabang Town Center)
  • July 19-21: Expo Mom North (Trinoma)
  • August 3-4: Mommy Mundo World (The 5th at Rockwell)
  • August 31 to September 1: Expo Mom Central (Bonifacio Global City)
  • October 18-20: Expo Mom North 2 (Trinoma)
  • November 23: Expo Mom South 2 (Alabang Town Center)
  • December 6-8: Expo Mom Holiday (Glorietta)

Want to be on your way to developing future avid readers? Below is a list of the books that Teacher Monica recommends for reading aloud to kids.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

My World by Margaret Wise Brown

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola

Tom by Tomie dePaola

Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola

The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola

A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams

Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells

Freight Train by Donald Crews

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett

Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Stuart Little by E.B. White

Matilda by Roald Dahl

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Header photo by Kim Sergeev on Unsplash

Li’l Twinkies showcases fun parenting baby products at Momzilla Fair

New and expectant mommies were able to get sneak peeks into the latest and best of baby care products at the 12th Momzilla Fair held at the Fifth at Rockwell Event Center. Together with fellow mumshie Sherile of Shescapades, I scoured the event for some great finds.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies, one of the participating brands, is a maker of high-grade and safe parenting tools that facilitates effective baby care and infant nursing. Believing that a fun parenting experience leads to stronger and happier bonds between parents and children, it advocates joyful and convenient parenting through safe and easy-to-use products for milk storage, feeding utensils, teethers and health accessories.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

For instance, many new moms may feel apprehensive at the prospect of breastfeeding. Working mommies, in particular, would need to find a way to conveniently store their nutritious breastmilk until they can bring it home from their workplace.

Fortunately, Li’l Twinkies Milk Storage Bags – made with safe and non-toxic materials – are freezer-safe self-standing bags that made extra durable with their dual layered seams and double zipper seal to lock in freshness. Each bag can hold up to 8oz/250ml of breastmilk for later consumption. Breastfeeding moms can rest easy, knowing that their precious milk expressed at work or elsewhere will reach their babies safely and with freshness intact.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Breastfeeding moms are also sometimes faced with the hassle of leaking milk in between feedings. Recognizing that every drop of breastmilk counts, Li’l Twinkies Milk Collection Shells are designed to fit most maternity bras to effectively and hygienically catch these leaks, while protecting nipples made sensitive breastfeeding or milk pumping. Their pour spouts facilitates easy transfer of the collected breastmilk to a feeding bottle or milk storage bag.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

And speaking of feeding bottles, some moms would probably notice that their babies have some trouble adjusting from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. With this in mind, Li’l Twinkies launched its NutriLatch Baby Feeding Bottle. Its super-wide teat approximates the texture and feeding motion learned from breast-feeding, facilitating hassle-free switching between the breast and bottle. It also features dual anti-colic air ventilating valves that reduces gas intake, thereby lessening babies’ burps and discomforts.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Moms of babies four months and older are faced with quite a challenge: teething. At this point, babies’ first teeth begin to emerge, resulting in itchy and sore gums, as well as cranky babies. They would be happy to know that products are available to help them comfort their littles ones at this important – if uncomfortable – stage.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies Sensory Teethers, for instance, are made for babies’ easy grip so they can bite into them for comfort while stimulating their senses and curiosity with the teethers’ attractive designs and multi-sensory features. Li’l Twinkies Teethers with Clip, on the other hand, have the added clip-on feature that facilitates babies’ easy access to their soothing teethers whenever they feel the need.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Another options is to wrap babies’s hand with Wrap Li’l Twinkies Chewy Mittens. With these, babies can also entertain themselves – and learn to self-soothe – when they hear the cute rattling sound from the mittens whenever they move.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Moms worried about keeping their babies’ items clean and hygienic have a new go-to device: Li’l Twinkies Magic UV Wand Sanitizer. Using this is a chemical-free way to sterilize babies’ bottles, toys, play pens and other items using UV germicidal technology. What’s more, it has an automatic temporary shut-off switch when face-up to safeguard the user’s eyes. Its portable size makes it a must-have for on-the-go moms.

Li’l Twinkies at Momzilla Bazaar

Li’l Twinkies has loads more of innovative items that make baby care easy and fun. (In fact, I’ll be writing more about its Silicone Baby Feeding Set in a later post). I’m absolutely thrilled that products like these are available to make parenting even more rewarding for new moms.

Check out its various products at the Booth C28 at the ongoing 12th Momzilla Fair at the Fifth at Rockwell, R5 Level, Power Plant Mall, Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati. During the fair, enjoy 20% discount on the featured products. The fair will run until March 3.

Catch the next legs of the Momzilla Fair on the following dates:

  • May 18-19
  • July 6-7
  • September 14-15
  • November 16-17

You can also shop for Li’l Twinkies products online at Shopee and Babymama.

New SKYcable kids channel ZooMoo hosts panel on animal conservation

Well, first there was IQ, and then there was EQ.  Today, we have another aspect of child development that we, as parents, would do well to address: our children’s animal quotient (AQ).

From the apex predators in the wild, the little critters in the fields, and our furry friends at home, all animals have their own important place in the world.

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo, the new English language-based learning channel on SKYcable, aims to help parents in honing their preschoolers’ AQ, as well as fostering a love for animals and nature.  The channel is a product of the collaboration among the world’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers.  Its entertaining and engaging animal-centered programs are designed stimulate and develop kids’ innate emotional connection to the natural world.

Recently, ZooMoo hosted a panel discussion for parents and guardians at the aptly themed Zoo Coffee.  Here, the attendees were able to gain insights on the importance of teaching kids about animals and nature at an early age and how to further integrate technology into their kids’ early education.

ZooMoo Launch Event

The panel is composed of photojournalist and environmental advocate Gregg Yan, lifestyle television host and online influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez and the marketing manager of ZooMoo’s parent network Blue Ant Media, Trippy Padilla.  Together, the panelists imparted tips and information on how to foster kids into becoming good caretakers of the planet, which include:

The benefits and challenges to parents of being in the digital age

With the ubiquitous influence of technology, parents do wonder whether access to these gadgets, apps and social media is beneficial or harmful to their kids.

The answer is: As with most things, technology is neutral. It can be both good or bad, depending on how you use it.

In his line of work, Gregg Yan has seen first-hand how technology helps in animal conservation. For example, conservationists can upload photos of the lieft fin of the whale sharks they encounter on the Wild Hook system which helps them identify individual sharks as patterns of spots are unique to each shark.

Furthermore, access to animal and nature-related content through digital media has grealty helped in disseminating conservation awareness, even among kids.

“With digital technology, you don’t have to carry a fifty-pound backpack and go up mountains,” he said. “All you have to do is watch ZooMoo and you’ll be able to see the animals in their natural habitat.”

ZooMoo’s programming is comprised of 1,500 self-contained shows that combine spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animation and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for a very young audience. Centered around five themes – explore, create, play, puzzle and quiet – ZooMoo’s shows are geared towards helping kids develop appreciation and compassion towards other creatures.

Through the ZooMoo App, kids and parents will have a second screen to enjoy ZooMoo’s animal-centric content. Parents can allow their kids to immerse themselves in the world of ZooMoo through interactive games, music, puzzles and other fun activities. The app’s Parent Page also provides personalized support to parents to aid in their children’s learning.

How to develop good conservation habits among young children

To Kelly Misa-Fernandez, modelling good behavior is key to raising socially and environmentally responsible kids.

“At this age, kids will immitate what they see.” she shares. “I want my son to see the real situation and I want him to be empowered to know that he can do something about it. And it’s best to lead by example.”

Recently, for example, her family has started assembling eco-bricks, environmentally friendly bricks made of recycled plastics from home waste. They stuff plastics like wrappers and cellophane tightly into sturdy containers which can later be used in construction while keeping harmful plastics away from the ocean and sea life.

Through the talks with the panelists, it is easy to see that conservation awareness is becoming a more important issue for today’s kids. Fortunately, with ZooMoo, parents and kids can get their start in becoming environmentally aware and doing their share to protect nature and animals.

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo Launch Event

ZooMoo ‘s program line up is packaged in an easy to understand format that is fun for both parents and kids. Among ZooMoo’s well-loved shows are Dinosaur Train wherein young Tyrannosaurus Rex Buddy travel across the Land of Dinosaurs with his family and friends), and  ZooMoo Wild Friends which take kids on a journey to discover animals and the world around them.



SKYcable subscribers can choose to add zooMoo (channel 120 in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan and Lipa) to their channel line-up for only Php20 per month via SKYcable Select. For more details or to subscribe, visit or call +63 2 418 0000.

Disclosure: I work for SKY and part of my job is promoting its products and services, especially the content it provides to its subscribers. I consider being able to share my love for TV shows and movies and the experience of watching and talking about them with like-minded people some of the biggest perks of my job.