Craving for a cheesecake? Go for a Chi’s Cake!

We all need some sweetness in our lives: that burst of sugary flavor on your tongue that signals the happiness that is sure to follow.

Sure, eating sweets may not be so healthy, may be even be self-indulgent, but, really, it’s more than just a capping a meal with dessert or satisfying a craving during your coffee break. In times of stress or sadness, it envelopes you in that feeling of comfort and happiness. In times of elation and success, it underscores the joy.

For me, cheesecakes bring on that feeling of happiness more than any other dessert: the buttery and sugary graham cracker crust, the richness of the cream filling and the lovely surprise of whatever topping is put on it.

Well, what if you can enjoy this little piece of heaven while not going overboard with the sugar?

Chi’s Cake, an online dessert shop operated by Siri Andres, specializes in no-bake cheesecakes. Compared to their baked counterparts, no-bake cheesecakes are lighter and airier, due to the folding in of stiff whipped cream into the other combined ingredients, resulting into the mousse-like texture of the dessert. And the cheesecakes from Chi’s Cake are known for not being to sweet.

Chi’s Cake

Chi’s Cake

Chi’s Cake

Chi’s Cake

Siri formerly worked as an IT business analyst but has transitioned into a full-time stay-at-home mom. Leveraging her love for whipping up sweet treats to give to friends and family into a potential business, she started by creating her own brand of no-bake cheesecake flavors which soon generated multiple orders.

Chi’s Cake

Last week, I was able to sample some of her no-bake cheesecake creations such as:

Carrot Cinnamon Cheescake (Php650 for 7-inch cake | Php900 for 9-inch cake | Php450 for a box of 12 cheesecake cups). Are you a fan of carrot cakes? The hearty and tangy taste of shredded carrots underscored by the warm spicy sweetness of cinnamon? Well, imagine those in a smooth and creamy cheesecake that is not too sweet. The sweetness comes from its generous topping of caramelized chopped walnuts! This cheesecake is her first and signature creation.

Chi’s Cake

Chi’s Cake

Oreo Strawberry Creme (Php1,150 for 7-inch cake | Php1,400 for 9-inch cake | Php700 for a box of 12 cheesecake cups). This cheesecake variant features the unbeatable combo of chocolate and strawberries, perfect for lovers during Valentine season and beyond. Bits of fresh strawberries incorporated into the cheesecake filling on top of a crust of crushed Oreo cookies and topped with a slice of strawberry smothered in syrup. I would imagine hearts fluttered over this dessert!

Chi’s Cake

So go ahead and indulge with no worry of being overcome with sweetness, just the joy that comes from these treats.

Chi’s Cake

To get your hands on these lovely cheesecake creations, call +63 945 4968265 or email at least two days before delivery date. For more details on other cheesecake variants available, check out Chi’s Cake’s Facebook page or Instagram account.

Payments are accepted via BDO, Unionbank, PalEx, GCash and LBC.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to enable an honest review.

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