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With our busy schedules and so many responsibilities, preparing something good for a family meal or a gathering can be quite a challenge. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just have someone to do all the marinating, basting, slow-cooking, grilling and baking for you?  This will leave you so much time to do all the other stuff you need to do but still assures you and your near-and-dears a great meal.

Food delivery services recently started becoming popular as it connects us busy working moms to restaurants from which we can order food to be delivered to our homes.

But sometimes, we crave for food that only good artisanal home cooks can give.

Enter is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Macky Sy who envisioned creating a platform that helps people find great home-cooked meals near us as well as help home cooks earn a little extra by selling their meals online.

Through the website, you can navigate the tabs to find vendors for specialty meals (according to cuisine), meal plans (with options for per-day and per-week orders), catering for events (party trays), desserts, ready-to-cook/eat meals, as well as sauces, side dishes and snacks.  You can also just use the search bar to find a specific dish you’re looking for.

When you’ve selected your dish, click “Order” to initiate the order process, wait for the vendor to acknowledge, then settle with the vendor regarding the terms for payment and fulfillment of your order.

Note, though, that these terms vary from vendor to vendor, and the availability of dishes varies from area to area.

If you find yourself too loaded with tasks and would like to leave the cooking to someone else, why not check out some of’s vendor partners.  Especially with the holidays coming, get yourself to enjoying more time relaxing and having fun with family and friends, and maybe help support some of these budding entrepreneurs as well.


The person behind Kitycups is part-time accountant/financial advisor Kristine Rodriguez.  She started by baking simple cookies and eventually grew a business out of her hobby.  Her venture specializes in cakes and sweets and she hopes to establish a factory for her food business someday.

On a side note, I recently treated myself and the kids to one of her Dreamcake Chocolattas and we loved it!  Watch out for it among my future posts. 🙂

Nikita’s Pastries

Niki Alfaro, on the other hand, works full-time on her business, Nikita’s Pastries, while taking care of her mom who has a heart condition. This home baker decided to put up a home-based business that will give her the time and flexibility to be available to her parents while providing her with an independent income. She dreams of one day opening her own restaurant or bringing her business with her to the US. Check out her cheesecake cups; those are her specialty.


When Cristina Bustos is not at her job, working as a supervisor in a BPO company, she occupies her time with cooking but she hopes to go full-time on her side business someday. Her FoodAllMighty party trays, particularly the baked lasagna, are a boon to those who are assigned to bring viands for the office potluck or the clan get-together.

Shoreline Barbecue

Men seem to have a special relationship with grilling and artist, entrepreneur and doggy daddy John Muyargas revels in this. Having worked his way up from waiter to chef in an Italian-American resto in Dallas, Texas, he brings Tex-Mex flavors to his local customers through his Shoreline Barbecue trays. His immediate plans involve steadily growing his business and sharing the love.

Migu Migu

Carlos Cabigao pulled himself up from the multiple challenges that his family encountered and set out building a business. He first started with baking until a friend suggested he try making spreads using flavored butter. His White Truffle Butter is a definite must-try.

With so many great cooks ready and willing to prepare gorgeous and delightful food for us, and with a service like that connects us to the best among them, it just make sense to free ourselves from the stress of holiday cooking.

Check them out at!

You’ll be also glad to know that already has a mobile app.  Download it from the App Store or Google Play, check it out, and tell Macky what you think. 🙂


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