5 things to fix in your bedroom for a blissful slumber

With our very busy lives, we deserve our restful sleep as well.

After all, getting enough sleep has a myriad of health benefits that we simply can’t ignore. These include heightened immunity, prevention of weight gain, as well as improved mood, memory, productivity and heart health.

As a place to rest and restore ourselves, our bedroom needs to be set up and decorated accordingly.

So scan through your bedroom and take note of what you can improve to give yourself a well-deserved blissful slumber.

All Home Libis Store Tour
All Home Libis Store Tour
All Home Libis Store Tour
All Home Libis Store Tour


The primary furniture in the room determines much of your comfort as you slumber. The quality of your mattress, pillows and beddings will greatly factor into your sleeping conditions.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, the use of electronic devices at night tend to delay the time that we fall asleep, reducing the total sleep duration. These devices also affect our brains, stimulating our minds and making it harder for us to doze off. The blue light they emit also disrupts our body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

Now, it would be highly unlikely for us to ban all our technology from the bedroom but we can pare down our use of them once we enter our sanctuary. We can avoid using them an hour before we go to sleep, place them in drawers to keep them out of sight and resist the urge to reach for them when we wake up at night.

AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom


Light is the key player when it comes to regulating our circadian rhythm, with the darkest possible room cited as the most conducive to sleep. Darkness also reduces potential visual distractions and disruptions to sleep.

To help make your bedroom as dark as possible, consider equipping the room with blackout curtains and a small, low-power lamp. If you still have considerable light in the space which disrupts your sleep, you may want to purchase a comfy yet close-fitting eye mask.

Ventilation and Temperature.

As we enter the hot summer months, proper ventilation and room temperature become even more crucial to catching our Zzzs. Aside from air-conditioning, you can also help cool your room down by using electric fans to circulate air, and creating cross-ventilation within the home by opening or closing doors and windows.

AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom


Don’t underestimate the power of your nose. Some fragrances can help promote relaxation which, in turn, makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up the following morning feeling well-rested.

Clean-smelling sheets have been observed to help in promoting comfortable sleep, as well as the use of aromatherapy in the form of essential oils applied to pillows or placed in diffusers. Lavender, rose, roman chamomile, jasmine and ylang-ylang are among those that have been seen to contribute to restful slumber.


In the same way that messy surroundings impede your ability to work at optimum levels, clutter in your bedroom could also prevent you from getting the sleep you need.

Clear out items that do not help you relax by regularly tidying up your bedroom and storing your electronic gadgets and small items in your drawers. Vacuum your bedroom rugs and mattress regularly to get rid of dustmites that trigger allergies.

Ready to set up your room to give you the best kind of sleep?

Shop for bedroom essentials that will help you get to Sleep Town at AllHome.

AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom
AllHome Bedroom

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In-store photos taken at AllHome WCC and Libis. Used with permission.

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