A boss-level treat for moms: #TrueBoss Gift Set

What’s your idea of a true boss?

In my career which spanned over two decades, I was lucky enough to have been managed and mentored by women who encouraged my curiosity, nurtured my drive and celebrated my achievements.

To me, they are true bosses.

At home, moms take on the same roles for their family:

  • Moms manage the family’s schedule and ensure that everyone has what they need to do well.
  • Moms optimize various resources for the family’s benefit.
  • Moms cultivate their kids’ talents and support them to achieve their full potential.

With these roles, we could say that moms are the true bosses of our families.

True Boss Gift Set
True Boss Gift Set

Well, true bosses deserve boss-level treats from time to time, right?

How about healthy and refreshing teas from True Boss?

These drinks contain fruit enzymes made from fermented fruits and vegetables and are packed with nutrients that help the body perform better by aiding digestion and giving the immune system a boost.

True Boss Gift Set
True Boss Gift Set

Instead of refined sugar, True Boss drinks make use of cane sugar which is easier for the body to process.

Lastly, fresh fruit toppings give the drinks some added taste and texture.

Here are some of True Boss’ tasty beverages that are definitely good for everyone, especially moms:

True Boss Gift Set
Peach Perfect (Php140 regular | Php155 large). Peach enzyme with double mango toppings.
True Boss Gift Set
Mango Cheese Milk Foam (Php165 regular). Cheese milk foam on Alpine Tea with mango toppings.
True Boss Gift Set
Berry Berry Good (Php140 regular | Php155 large). Cranberry enzyme with strawberry and mango toppings.
True Boss Gift Set
Strawberry Cheese Milk Foam (Php165). Cheese milk foam on green tea with strawberry toppings.

As a special treat for moms and the rest of the fam, these four drinks are available in a True Boss Gift Set for just Php599!

So give your mom a healthy and refreshing tea break, one fit for the True Boss of the family! Order online or visit or call any of these True Boss branches:

  • E. Rodriguez: +63 2 79002076 | +63 906 2945070
  • West Avenue: +63 2 77473171 | +63 916 2709916
  • Wilson: + 63 2 75271451 | +63 966 3276351
  • Mall of Asia: +63 2 77464608 | +63 967 4524087

To stay updated on its products and offers, follow True Boss on Facebook and Instagram.

True Boss Gift Set
True Boss Gift Set

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature.


Author: Gel Jose

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