Classic Wagyu Rice from Go-Gourmand

Putting together a special Sunday meal for the family? Or looking for a show-stopping for a barkada get-together or an office potluck party?

Well, Go-Gourmand would definitely have something that’s right up your alley!

Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice

I came across one of its ads while scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I just have to admit: napabudol ako!

The featured dish, so appetizingly depicted in the sponsored Facebook post that caught my fancy is its Classic Wagyu Rice.

Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice

It just so happened that I was planning to serve something special for the fam as Hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. Being a family of certified carnivores, I was sure that this dish would appeal to all of us.

After all, if the sight of juicy medium-grilled beef slices lying on a bed of seasoned rice won’t be able to command my attention, what will?

Well, I guess Facebook’s algorithm knows how to target me.

I quickly coursed my order through Go-Gourmand’s Facebook Page and scheduled its delivery that very Sunday.

My fam and I were so looking forward to feasting on tender and juicy morsels of Wagyu beef flanks perfectly paired with seasoned and spiced rice, further flavored with Wagyu fat.

Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice
Go Gourmand Wagyu Rice

It would have been a flawless dining experience, if it hadn’t been for some kinks in Go-Gourmand’s delivery system. My order got so delayed that by the time it arrived, it was already cold and the fam was too hungry to wait for it to get reheated.

Hopefully, these kinks will get ironed out when I get around to my next order!

To know more about Go-Gourmand, follow it on Facebook. You may also send your orders via Facebook Messenger.

Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

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