Ease those pesky aches and pains with Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment

I have accepted it: at this stage in my life, a few ouchies here and there are to be expected.

Being in my forties, I know I’m not as young as I used (or wish) to be and there are limits to what my my body can withstand.

However, with a full plate of roles and responsibilities at home and at work, I simply can’t afford to be bogged down by aches and pains.

Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment

Pain, pain, go away!

No longer am I the koboy girl who gamely powers through those discomforts to get the job done. Nope, I just have to take a pause and do something to ease those pangs and twinges. After all, at this stage in my life, I feel it’s time to stop abusing my body, especially now that I have earned whatever creature comforts I can enjoy, wouldn’t you agree?

One of these comforts is the ability to swiftly and effectively ease those minor aches and pains, the ones that get in the way of accomplishing my tasks or stop me from enjoying a well-deserved rest.

These discomforts include:

  • Stiff neck and shoulder pain. Pain shooting up my neck and shoulders when I try to move my head due to adopting a wrong sleeping position the night before is not the way I want to greet a new day.
  • Joint and muscle pains. Do you know what can derail my efforts to live a healthier and more physically active lifestyle? Those aching joints and sore muscles that come after strenuous activity, that’s what!
  • Back pains. Being female, pain in the lower back caused by hormonal fluctuations is par for the course. Those feminine discomforts used to be dismissed by most but they can range from merely distracting to quite debilitating.
  • Headaches. Having so many roles to play and responsibilities to accomplish can really be stressful. When this happens, those tension headaches and migraines are never too far away.
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment

Given all those physical and psychological toll associated with pain that I have to contend with, you could imagine my relief now that Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir is available on the market!

Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment

This liniment oil is carefully formulated to not only ease those pesky aches and pains, but also bring back my usual equanimity and get me to that place of Zen.

Its active ingredients include:

  • Guduchi Extract which helps reduce pain and inflammation of muscles and joints
  • Magnesium which enhances tissue recovery, reduces pain and eases muscle cramps and spasms by improving tendon and ligament flexibility and breaking down inflammation
  • Menthol which provides a cooling sensation that brings fast relief from pain and inflammation
  • Camphor which helps in treating mild to moderate muscle, nerve and joint pain
  • Rosehip Oil which boosts the skin’s collagen production while keeping it hydrated and moisturized
  • Tea Tree which detoxifies and disinfects the body, soothes inflammation and relieves pain from minor burns, sores, bites and cuts
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment
Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment

When I get an attack of the ouchies, I just clean the affected area and apply a sufficient amount of Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment with gentle massaging motions until the liniment is absorbed into the skin. It is best to apply it three times daily to ensure quick pain relief.

So if you find yourself getting bogged down by aches and pains, reach for Miraclenz Heavenly Elixir Liniment. Grab a 30ml bottle for just Php679 from the Miraclenz Official Store at Shopee.

You can also shop for other self-care essentials such as:

  • Miraclenz Scalp Care Shampoo (Php699) for treatment of psoriasis, dandruff, and itchy scalp
  • Miraclenz Cleansing Bar Soap (Php549) and Miraclenz Cleansing Cream (Php649) for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis
  • Miraclenz Bath Bundle (Php1,249) (Cleansing Bar Soap and Scalp Care Shampoo)
  • Miraclenz Skin Care Bundle (Php1,198) (Cleansing Bar Soap and Cleansing Cream)
  • Miraclenz Soothing Bundle (Php1,897) (Cleansing Bar Soap, Scalp Care Shampoo and Cleansing Cream)

Use my code MIRAGEL10 to get 10% off your purchases storewide!

Know more about Miraclenz by following it on Instagram and TikTok.

Disclosure: Product sample was provided to facilitate this feature.


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