Seafood and Oyster Bar sets up more outlets in the metro

If you’re heavily into your seafood diet (“when you see food, you eat it!”), then you definitely have to include oysters in your menu, especially during this month of hearts.

Oysters (“talaba” in Tagalog) have a strong association with Valentine’s Day, owing to being considered a natural aphrodisiac for centuries.

Well, their supposed contribution to an intensified sexual drive may be a subject for debate but there is no doubt that these fruits of the sea are quite delicious and are actually good for you.

Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar

Oysters bring you a sumptuous taste of the ocean: they have a briny and creamy flavor and silky texture that will leave you wanting more.

Oysters also bring with them a myriad of health benefits that include:

  • Brain health. As they are rich in Vitamin B12, they are said to be helpful in keeping the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay.
  • Bone health. They also help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis, thanks to their vitamin D, copper, zinc and manganese content.
  • Heart health. With their selenium content, they also help prevent heart disease.
Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar
Seafood Oyster Bar

Are you sold on oysters yet?

The good news is that getting them is a breeze now that Seafood and Oyster Bar (SOB) is setting up more outlets in the metro!

Aside from its oyster cart at The Grid Food Market in Powerplant Mall, this new foodie venture from the Tasteless Food Group will also set up carts at Public Eatery in Robinsons Magnolia on February 17 and at Itadaki Food Court at Mitsukoshi Mall on February 24.

There, you can get freshly shucked oysters which can be eaten raw, topping shots of liquor or baked in a variety of flavors.

Seafood and Oyster Bar
Seafood and Oyster Bar
Seafood and Oyster Bar
Seafood and Oyster Bar

So this Valentine’s Day and all the special days beyond for you and your significant other, be sure to indulge yourself with these delicacies fresh from the seas at SOB!

To stay abreast on Seafood and Oyster Bar’s updates and offers, follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

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