10 tasty trivia about J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw

Chicken isaw is a popular Filipino street food made from chicken intestines. These innards are carefully cleaned, marinated and seasoned with a combination of savory, tangy, and slightly sweet flavors, then grilled or deep-fried to produce a crunchy exterior and juicy and flavorful interior.

Aside from its unique flavor profile, chicken isaw holds cultural significance in our country, where street food is an integral part of the local culinary scene. It represents the our rich culinary heritage, showcasing the creativity and resourcefulness of Pinoy street food vendors who can turn humble ingredients into delicious and satisfying treats.

J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw

Chicken isaw has become a beloved and iconic street food in the Philippines, loved by locals and tourists alike, and its appeal extends beyond just its taste, but also the cultural experience and sense of community that comes with enjoying this flavorful snack.

Now, imagine if you stock up on this snackable treat so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw, you can do just that!

J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw

Curious about the history of this innovative take on a classic Pinoy snack? Here are ten tasty tidbits of trivia that will further whet your appetite:

  • Founder Bryan Paul Soriano initially ventured into several other businesses, including a burger shop and a pasta house, before finding success with his crispy chicken isaw concept.
  • After realizing the challenges of competing in a crowded food park with multiple food stalls, Bryan decided to come up with a unique and on-the-go food concept using chicken isaw, capitalizing on its popularity.
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
  • Despite the low cost of making chicken isaw, Bryan invested in good packaging for his product, which drove up his initial capital for the business.
  • This same packaging, however, made it a highly portable and versatile snack which can be enjoyed practically anywhere: whether as munchies for a movie marathon, a contribution to the office potluck, something to nibble on during game-day or a picnic snack.
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
  • J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw offers a variety of flavors to cater to different tastes, including classic (plain), classic with suka (vinegar), BBQ, spicy and salted egg, which contributed to its popularity among customers.
  • J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw is known for its crispy texture on the outside that gives way to a burst of umami on the inside, making it a delightful treat for food enthusiasts.
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
  • J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw has become a beloved Filipino street food, enjoyed by locals and, thanks to international resellers, even foreigners for its delicious taste and convenient on-the-go format.
  • J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw is now FDA-approved and has a longer shelf-life of eight to nine months.
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
  • Bryan’s creative idea of turning humble ingredients like chicken isaw into a crispy and flavorful snack has been a hit, leading to numerous resellers and over 40 distributors of J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw.
  • Today, J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw holds the distinction of being the first “modern” flavored crispy chicken isaw in the Philippines.
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw
J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw

These tidbits of information paint a picture of entrepreneurship, creativity and and success. Lucky for us, Bryan persevered in his business ventures so we now have J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw to snack on.

So stock up on this snackable treat at various specialty food shops in the metro or order online at its Shopee store.

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Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this feature.


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