From Hobby to Career: 8 factors to consider in making content creation your livelihood

Do you like taking pictures and videos and sharing them on social media? Do write well and publish your thoughts and views online?

Then, you might have wondered about making a living out of creating content.

Content creation has become a popular way to make a living in recent years. Whether you’re a writer, blogger, photographer, or social media influencer, there are many opportunities to turn your passion for creating content into a lucrative career.

However, before jumping into this field, there are several factors to consider. Here, we will explore eight things to keep in mind when making content creation your livelihood.

1. Your niche

One of the first things to consider when making content creation your career is identifying your niche. There are many topics to create content about, and many groups of people who follow specific interests. It’s essential to find a niche that you are passionate about and can specialize in, as well as one that has an engaged audience that can become your followers.

For example, if you’re interested in photography, you could specialize in wedding photography, product photography, or fashion photography to cater to the need of its audiences for information and inspiration.

Personally, I’ve always seen myself as a city girl so my content covers things to do, food to eat and places to see in the city. I want to show fellow urbanites the sheer number of possibilities that city living has to offer. This way, my topics are easily accessible to me, in line with my interests and can resonate with my audience.

Finding your niche can help you stand out from the competition and attract clients who are looking for your specific expertise or tap into your audience.

2. Your portfolio

Once you’ve identified your niche, building a portfolio is essential. A portfolio showcases your best work and helps potential clients understand your style and expertise. You can create a portfolio website (in my case, this blog serves as my portfolio) or use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to showcase your work. When building your portfolio, ensure that you include a diverse range of projects that showcase your skills and expertise.

3. Your rates

Setting your rates can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting. To establish your pricing, you can research the rates for content creation in your niche and location among your fellow content creators. Some content creators charge hourly rates, while others charge per project. When setting your rates, keep in mind your experience, the type of content you create, and your target audience. Crafting a rate card with these information will be helpful when pitching your services to potential clients or when responding to inquiries from those who want to hire you.

4. Your network

Establishing a career on content creation relies heavily on tour reputation and connections. Networking with other content creators, potential clients, and industry professionals is essential for finding work and building a a name for yourself in the industry. Attend events, join online communities related to your niche, and connect with others through social media.

You can also reach out to local businesses or brands and offer your services. Some of my most memorable and rewarding projects were with brands that I’ve reached out to.

5. Your time and finances

Content creation can be time-consuming and unpredictable, so it’s essential to manage your time effectively and plan for the ups and downs of freelancing. You would need to have a system in place to manage your projects (especially in meeting your deadlines and producing your deliverables), as well as your resources.

Your work might require you to invest in equipment or travel so you need to factor those into your expenses. You would also need to have a good understanding of the financial side of things, including taxes, invoicing, and budgeting.

6. Your skills

It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in your field as the world of content creation is constant changing. Invest in your skills by taking courses or attending workshops to stay relevant and competitive. You can also read blogs, listen to podcasts, or watch tutorials to learn from other content creators.

7. Your business plan

To make a living out of content creation, it should be treated as a business. Creating a business plan can help you stay focused and achieve your goals. A business plan should include your financial goals, target audience, marketing strategy, and growth plan. Check out business plan templates available online to get started.

Your business plan may not be set in stone; it may need to adapt to changing situations. However, having one helps you stay within your means while keeping your eye on your future as a content creator.

8. Your unique voice

Finally, it’s essential to find your unique voice as a content creator. Your voice is what sets you apart from others and makes your content unique. When creating content, think about your brand voice, tone, and style that’s true to who you are and that your audience can relate to. You may take a funny or irreverent tone or a more formal approach when writing your copy or delivering your lines. For my own posts, I usually take a casual and friendly tone as it’s the one I’m most comfortable with and one I think my audience will appreciate.

Experiment with different formats – such long-form content such as e-books, online courses and white papers, or short-form content such as blogs and social media posts – to find what works best for you and your audience.

While making a living from creating content can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path, it does require careful planning, hard work, and dedication. By taking these eight factors into consideration, you can increase your chances of success as a content creator and achieve your financial goals.

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These books on content creation should provide you with valuable insights and strategies to build a successful career in this field.

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