My own customized notebook: thanks to the IFEX Paper Bar

For a paper addict like me, getting a notebook that just fits my purpose for it is like stumbling into a gold mine.

In terms of aesthetics, I lean towards minimalism: I prefer plains instead of prints, or single color designs instead or multiples ones.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that I can have notebooks made according to these specifications!

Where is this possible you may ask?

At your nearest IFEX Paper Bar!

IFEX stands for International Fine Paper Exchange, a Filipino company which is primarily engaged in the marketing and distribution of specialty papers, premium paper for school and office supplies, as well as art materials.

Its fine paper products came into play when I went to the Art Bar of the National Bookstore branch along Panay Avenue to have my customized notebooks made.

IFEX Paper Bar

IFEX Paper Bar

I’ve just gotten a Starbucks travel organizer for this year and I’ve been worrying about what to do when I use up its notebook filler. I’ve been scouring bookstores looking appropriately sized notebooks but couldn’t find any.

That is, until I realized I could just have them made!

Getting your own customized notebooks at the Paper Bar is just so easy!

Step 1: Choose a notebook size.

Available sizes are: A4 (210 x 295 mm), A5 (148 x 210 mm) and A6 (105 x 148 mm).

I chose the smallest size, A6, as this is the one that would best fit my travel organizer. I ordered two notebooks so that I have another spare.

Step 2: Choose a notebook cover.

IFEX has a wide range of card stocks of various colors that you can choose for your notebook cover.

I opted for two shades green (one at Php12 and the other at Php15) as these go with the cover of my travel organizer.

IFEX Paper Bar

Step 3: Choose your inserts.

Depending on your purpose for your notebook, you can choose from among the high-quality paper inserts that IFEX carries. These include plain, ruled, dotted, grid, black, calligraphic, sketching and watercolor.

I prefer my notebooks to not have lines (so I can draw diagrams or doodle if need be) so I opted for plain (Php65) and dotted (Php85) inserts.

IFEX Paper Bar

Step 4: Choose your breakers (optional).

If you will use a single notebook for multiple purposes, you can opt to insert breakers from the available cardstocks. This will help make your notebook more organized.

Step 5: Choose your notebook spine.

To bind your notebook, choose a spine that complements your notebook’s color scheme. The double-loop metallic spines available in black or silver make durable binders for your notebook.

IFEX Paper Bar

Step 6: Personalize it (optional)!

Your name or any text can be hot-stamped to your notebook cover for Php60. Choose from gold, silver, green, blue or embossed letters in either serif or san serif fonts. You can also pick the font size: from 16mm (up to 8 characters), 9mm (up to 14 characters) and 5.5mm (up to 16 characters).

I opted to have my blog URL embossed on my notebooks in gold letters, consistent with the color theme of my travel organizer.

IFEX Paper Bar

IFEX Paper Bar

Total spent on the two notebooks is Php267 which amounts to Php133.50 for each of the A6-sized notebooks.

Here’s an A5-sized notebook I had made months ago.

IFEX Paper Bar

For my next notebook orders, I might combine dotted, ruled and plain inserts with cardstock breaks in one thick book which can serve as a planner, sketchpad and notebook all in one.

A customized notebook from the IFEX Paper Bar is a great buy or even a wonderful gift for paper addicts like me! (I even gifted one to a friend for her birthday.)

IFEX Paper Bars are located inside National Bookstore branches in SM Megamall, Glorietta 1, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and in the Art Bar inside the National Bookstore branch along Panay Avenue in Quezon City.

For more details about IFEX, visit its website at