13 Business books to fire up your inner spark at work

The first half of the year is already done, and if you’re doubting your effectiveness at your job or your impact to your work, maybe you should set aside some time for reading and re-motivating yourself.

Check out these books that will provide you with fresh knowledge and insights to get you all fired up and raring to work!

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John C. Maxwell

Much of any business’ success depend upon its leaders. By outlining the principles for empowered and empowering leadership, John C. Maxwell’s book has changed the way leaders see themselves.

This thoroughly revised and updated edition packs in new leadership insights and best practices that he has gathered since the first edition was published in 1993 to help guide and inspire a new generation of leaders on their challenging but ultimately rewarding journey.

What Are Your Blind Spots? by Jim Haudan and Rich Berens

Even the most well-intentioned and competent leaders can be led astray by seemingly benign assumptions that can ultimately harm or derail the enterprise.

Authors Jim Haudan and Rich Berens refer to these old ways of thinking as “blind spots.” By identifying and overcoming blind spots identified in the book, leaders can learn to welcome and adopt new and forward-thinking practices that will propel their organizations towards growth.

Growing Influence by Ron Price and Stacey Ennis

This is a how-to book disguised as a fable.

In a series of transformative meetings between a career-driven young woman and her wise respectable mentor, mirroring and building on the interactions between the co-authors Ron Price and Stacey Ennis, arise lessons on cultivating influence fed by both character and competence.

Interestingly, the fable also tackles gender dynamics in the workplace.

Iterate by Ed Muzio

To keep up with today’s fast-changing and fast-charging world, companies must learn and adapt fast.

Central to this agile quality is the ability, whenever faced with a problem, to make the next most reasonable step from there, i.e, to iterate.

Author Ed Muzio lays down a research-based guide to help leaders equip their teams to do just that.

The Innovation Navigator by Tucker J. Marion and Sebastian Fixson

Business leaders agree that innovation is the key to survival and further growth and in many companies, it is a top strategic priority.

Tucker J. Marion and Sebastian Fixson showcases the different modes that innovation can take and guides readers on how to take advantage of each mode’s inherent pros and cons. The book also walks through ways to effectively shift between modes or employ multi-mode strategies to foster innovation.

Your Invisible Toolbox by Rowena Crosbie and Deborah Rinner

According to authors Rowena Crosbie and Deborah Rinner, we all have two sets of the tools: while the first toolbox contains the technical skills, devices and equipment necessary to perform our roles, the second one – the invisible toolbox – contains the tools necessary for human interactions.

The contents of the second toolbox figure prominently in many workplaces, especially now that the business environment is not only a global one, but a multi-generational one as well.

B State by Mark Samuel

Oftentimes, in business, the path from Point A to Point B is not as simple or straightforward as we would like.

To be able to move forward, Mark Samuel encourages readers to engage themselves in a true transformation, removing old mindsets and replacing inefficient behaviors with new ways of thinking and more desirable habits to bring about a highly productive culture that breeds business success.

Leading Loyalty by Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne and Shawn Moone

Customer loyalty does oftentimes seem like an unreachable dream given today’s volatile market situation.

Authors Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne and Shawn Moone dove into the results of the Franklin Covey studies that show how “campfire stores” achieve revenue and profitability goals thanks to fiercely loyal customers and the employees that prioritize the happiness of those customers.

Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

Technopreneur Guy Kawasaki reflects upon his life and his many adventures (or misadventures) in the a series of vignettes.

Some may be light-hearted, others may recall actions with lasting consequences, but all served to inspire and build him up to the person that he is today.

Scramble by Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier tells the story of a young CEO as he is faced with the demand to turn the company around, otherwise he loses his job.

As the story progresses, his journey illustrates the principles of agile strategy, a way of building business that is more collaborative and produces quicker results.

Built to Suck by Joseph Jaffe

We see it more and more often: large companies – behemoth enterprises – are crumbling to the ground in light of declining revenues and business growth.

In this book, Joseph Jaffe outlines the four key pillars that will transform ailing companies from ailing to thriving, from obsolescence to relevance.

The Art of Preventing Stupid by Matthew Neill Davis

Matthew Neill Davis’ Preventing Stupid Method is all about solving common problems before they become insurmountable roadblocks.

By quickly identifying, categorizing and prioritizing the business’ threats and weaknesses – forward-thinking risk management – business leaders can devote more energy towards maximizing opportunities as they appear.

Sticks and Stones by Nick Powills

Author Nick Powills showcases how his childhood experiences of struggling with his weight and getting bullied by his peers all propelled him towards being a successful entrepreneur later in life.

While the old wisdom is to keep personal and professional lives separate, the author instead proposes transforming painful memories, harsh lessons and old disappointment into motivation, coupled with the strong foundation of family and friends, into the strength and courage to pursue business success and personal fulfillment.

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