Lola Remedios Food Supplement helps you chase the malaise away

With all the erratic changes in from hot and humid to chilly and wet weather lately, it would hardly be surprising that we get beset by that feeling of heaviness and malaise, or what we sometimes call “feeling under the weather.”

I have noted some days when I feel like I’m close to getting sick and I can’t drag myself out of bed.

However, we normally don’t have the luxury to wallow in this uncomfortable feeling, especially with our many roles and responsibilities.

Lola Remedios
Lola Remedios

Our lolas called this feeling “lamig sa katawan” and even treated us to to a rejuvenating rest in our warm beds as well other comforting home remedies to make us feel that “ginhawa ng pakiramdam.”

Fortunately, we can still get comforted by our lola’s loving care with Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup.

Lola Remedios

Authentic Lola Remedios (Food Supplement Syrup – for Soothing relief of “Lamig”) Ready to Drink 15ml x 1 sachet. Available at Lazada.

Inspired by our lola’s traditional home remedies, Lola Remedios is made of all-natural ingredients imbued with qualities that give comfort and relief when we are ailing:

  • Ginger. Treats muscular aches and pains, as well as sore throat and cramps. It also helps to ease various stomach ailments.
  • Honey. Used as a treatment for cough and cold symptoms, as well as helps in countering sleep difficulty caused by upper respiratory tract infection. It also increases immunity and has anti-microbial and antioxidant effects.
  • Mint. Contains menthol which has a cooling effect that relieves sore throat, nasal congestion and muscle pains. It may also be prescribed for nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, headache and cold.
  • Clove. Contains essential oil and eugenol that has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.
  • Fennel. Provides relief for stomach discomforts due to gas and indigestion.

Lola Remedios is also conveniently packaged in ready-to-drink in 15ml sachets. To get soothing relief for Lola Remedios, just shake the sachet, tear off a corner and sip straight from the sachet.

Lola Remedios

Personally, I prefer to mix it to warm water for a soothing hot drink while relaxing.

Lola Remedios
Lola Remedios

So if you ever feel like you’re under the weather, know that #LolaCares and Lola Remedios can make you feel better in no time!

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