Sizzle’s here at Sizzlin’ Steak, SM East Ortigas

Similar to its sister store, my first visit at this Sizzlin’ Steak branch was less than spectacular. The place was newly opened and the service team was still ironing out a lot kinks in the system as well as dealing with the deluge of diners eager to try out its offerings. (Yeah, yeah. I should have been more understanding). Anyway, that experience was documented here.

I was surprised that as a response to my comments, I was invited back to this branch (actually, to its sister store Teriyaki Boy) for a free meal. I took it up on its offer, of course, and took my family there for lunch that weekend. 🙂

As I’ve said in my post about the much-improved experience in Teriyaki Boy, the team went all out to show my family a good time. Our requests were quickly addressed and even anticipated: glasses of water were promptly refilled and our orders were quickly served.

Hubby and I ordered the same steaks we did during our first visit: Australian Marbled Steak (Php675). This cut of beef is characterized by its marbling, the intermingling of fat with the lean muscle. The greater the marbling, the juicier and tastier the meat.

The steaks were cooked to medium doneness: when you cut through the beef, you will see a pale pink center. The manager on duty, Acee, advised us to turn the steak over on the hot plate after a while so that the other side will also have some caramelization which adds to the flavor. She also advised to use the garlic butter provided and to sprinkle a bit of lemon juice to further bring out the taste of the steak.

I also had a Turtle Cheesecake (Php196) for dessert. It’s a rich cheesecake confection topped with sliced almonds and caramel sauce.

The week following this visit, Hubby and I returned and ordered a US Rib Eye Steak (Php575). This steak cut is also known of its luscious marbling.

So… I guess we have a new go-to place when we want to satisfy our steak cravings.

By the way, with the Max’s Group’s All You Can Wednesdays Promo, you can eat all the Beef Belly Strips you want at Sizzlin’ Steak from 2pm to closing time for only Php349, available all the Wednesdays in June.  More details are available in this blog post.

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