Experience Prime Dining at B Hotel Alabang

Getting lost in the south isn’t such a bad ordeal when wandering leads to the quiet streets of Madrigal Business Park because there stands B Hotel Alabang, a premier 4-star hotel managed by The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts.

“What is there to do?” one may ask. Aside from an undisturbed staycation in the comfort of a cozy room, guests can also enjoy the first-ever outdoor hot tub in the area. With perfectly warm water for the rainy season, and refreshingly cool water during the summer! And while fitness junkies spend time in the hotel gym working out, the foodies can go ahead and start eating their hearts out at the hotel’s dining outlets.

B Hotel Alabang

Foodies everywhere will agree that it takes more than just picture-perfect plating or unique food concepts to make a dining experience memorable and worth going back for. With an exquisitely prepared mix of fancy and familiar flavors, coupled with the 4-star hotel’s dedicated 5-star service, one can only expect a dining experience at its prime, every time. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between, B Hotel Alabang has the perfect plate!

“Our mission is to give our guests the best of Filipino hospitality and that includes proudly representing our heritage in our menu. That’s why we always allow culinary innovation while preserving the integrity of our country’s traditional dishes,” says Chef Ricky Galon, B Hotel Alabang Sous Chef. Prime Café offers a diverse selection of traditional local dishes from across the different regions of the Philippine islands such as the bestselling crispy Sizzling Sisig from Pampanga, perfectly char-grilled Chicken Inasal from Bacolod, and tender Beef Salpicao. The hotel’s main dining outlet also features Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisines among others. Craving a classic American favorite? Chef Ricky’s special creation is the answer—a flavorful patty and fresh vegetables in a soft sweet bun. And if you’re craving a different kind of meat, no need to go far! Get your steak fix and enjoy perfectly grilled prime steaks from Johnny’s Steak and Grill at Prime Cafe.

B Hotel Alabang

B Hotel Alabang

B Hotel Alabang

B Hotel Alabang

B Hotel Alabang

Those who simply cannot do without a sweet ending (or beginning) to a sumptuous meal can head on over to sweet tooth heaven—Pastry Corner. This little nook is where all the freshly baked goodies and barista specials are! Must-try includes moist and indulgent Belgian Chocolate Cake, and German Chocolate Cake, and Leche Flan, Ube, Chocolate, Plain, and other limited edition flavors of the coffee shop’s signature ensaymada.

B Hotel Alabang

Prime Café puts the “happy” in happy hour with some San Valley wine for only Php800 nett per bottle, or unlimited beers, mojitos, or sangria for only Php550 nett person, available daily from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. Booze and live entertainment? Enjoy it at Prime Café’s Bistro Nights every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:00PM to 11:00PM.

B Hotel Alabang

B Hotel Alabang

Get a taste of all these exciting dishes and activities at B Hotel Alabang’s Meet and Eat exclusive foodie event, in partnership with Don Revy, Monkey Eagle, Alliance Crafts, Instamug, and Eco Verde.

For more information on B Hotel Alabang’s exciting dining promotions and other offers, visit www.thebellevue.com, or call (+632) 828 8181.

Thanks to Eboy Donato for serving as my correspondent during B Hotel’s Meet & Eat Foodie event.

Details and images provided by B Hotel in A recent press release.


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