Get 20% off on all love seats at BLIMS Love Sale from Feb 14-29

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and for you couples out there, BLIMS has a special treat just for you: a sale on its love seats!

While the term love seat can refer to a variety of seating options – from a wooden bench with two cushions to an S-shaped sofa, also called a tete-a-tete or a courting bench, on which two people can sit while still facing each other – it most usually refers to a two-seater sofa.

Did you know that love seats originally had a very different purpose? They were first built in the 17th century to allow ladies clad in voluminous gowns – yes, the type that used hoops and had layers of fabric and petticoats underneath – to sit down in comfort.

Over the years, women’s fashions shrank into slimmer forms, allowing more room in the seats. It became apparent that these seats gave courting couples a place to chat in private, or stay close with one another, while still adhering to cultural norms of the time. Thus, this piece of furniture came to be known as the love seat.

Today, love seats grace homes of couples or singletons who have come to appreciate their style and comfort, as well as their economy in required space and multitude of uses.

During its Love Sale from February 14 to 29, BLIMS Fine Furniture gives 20% off on all love seats which include:

Charlotte 2-seater Sofa. A perfect blend of style and comfort, it features a double arm cushion design and plush seating. Place this in your bedroom as an extra but stylish seating option.

Blims Love Sale

Hinoki 2-Seater Sofa. Premium leather sofa with soft key arms and black metal legs. Lounge here while reading a book or drinking a cup of hot cocoa during these chilly nights.

Blims Love Sale

Finlay 2-Seater Sofa. Plush and luxurious, this premium leather sofa brings sophistication and comfort to your space with its generous low arms and sleek metal legs. Snuggle up with your significant other on this sofa while watching your favorite TV shows.

Blims Love Sale

At BLIMS, you can find a complete variety of furniture, with categories such as:

  • Living Space – take your pick from an wide collection of sofas and dining sets.
  • Sleepshop – BLIMS is equipped with a wide array of bed frames and mattresses that will give you quiet serenity and peaceful slumber,
  • Recliners & Loungers – indulge yourself and bring home a seat you can just sink into.
  • Office World – find the items that allow you to take charge.

Check out BLIMS’ website, Facebook Page or visit any of its 19 showrooms nationwide to see which pieces are perfect for your home.

For more details on the promo, visit the BLIMS website.

Author: Gel Jose

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