Come see what Sammy’s Cookin’

Craving for a sweet treat? Need to bring something to the office potluck? Or want to send a thoughtful and delicious gift?

Well, Chef Sammy’s cookin’ up something absolutely amazing for you!

Chef Sammy Isidro, the singing chef who masterminds the kitchen of Sammy’s Restaurant in Cainta, also whips up yummy desserts under the brand Sammy’s Cookin‘.

Sammy’s, Cainta

Chef Sammy developed his culinary chops in between singing gigs at the Hotel Mulia, a five-star hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he and his wife Dorothy worked as professional singers for over 17 years.

Upon their return to the Philippines, they put up their own restaurant – Sammy’s in Cainta – where they serve up tasty Indonesian-inspired dishes as well as serenade guests with a song or two after every meal.

Chef Sammy also set up another line of business – Sammy’s Cookin’ – to provide catering services as well as deliver cakes, pastries and other sweets to foodies within Metro Manila.

This also extends the reach of his cuisine well beyond the vicinity and operating hours of his restaurant.

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Here is a sampling of the treats you can order from Sammy’s Cookin.’

Banana Bread (Php300/loaf). This seems to be a staple among bakers, professional or otherwise. Chef Sammy, of course, goes well beyond the rudimentary bread and gives you a loaf of pure scrumptiousness. Unpack and slice it and the smell of banana and vanilla will waft to your nostrils. Bite into the moist bread and you will taste the burst of sweet banana flavor in your mouth. Truth be told, I can finish the entire loaf by myself in one seating. (My daughter #ExhibitA would insist on helping me in this endeavor. Quite unnecessarily, I might add.) Still, in the off- off-chance, this banana bread doesn’t get wolfed down as soon as it reaches you, it keeps for seven days at room temperature and for three months in the freezer. (Why keep it in the freezer, though? Banana Bread, get into mah belly!)

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Sammy’s Cookin’

Coffee Choco Brownies (Php420/ 16 squares). Anybody who knows me knows I’m mad for coffee and chocolates. Imagine my joy whenever I have an opportunity to enjoy both! These brownies exude a mild aroma of coffee, just enough to perk up the attention of a true blue coffee lover. There’s an ultra-thin crusty topmost layer that, when bitten into, gives way to a chewy chocolatey brownie with chocolate nuggets here and there adding some texture to every bite. I shared some squares with Hubby and these yummies definitely have his vote. Similar to the banana bread, this keeps at room temperature for seven days and in the freezer for three months.

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Choco Cheese Martabak Manis (Php355/order). I’m really having trouble describing this because I can’t quite grasp how intensely it appeals to me. Another food obsession of mine is cheese, and guess what: this dish has cheese. The cheese that adds a salty dimension to an otherwise sweet stuffed pancake flavored by chocolate, crushed peanuts and condensed milk. I had my first taste of this dessert at Sammy’s Restaurant and I have not forgotten it. You would be hard-pressed to stop at just one or two pieces (or three or four or ten!). Other variants of martabak manis available are Chocolate-Only (Php205/order) and Cheese-Only (Php245/order). This keeps at room temperature for two to three days, but, personally, it won’t last that long in my home. Even my picky eater son likes this!

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

There are lots more available to order at Sammy’s Cookin.’ To get your hands on these desserts and delicacies, just call +63 939 1483960 or course your orders through its Facebook or Instagram pages at least two days before you need them.

Sammy’s Cookin’ accepts payments via BPI or BDO and can deliver to anywhere in the metro via Grab or Lalamove (delivery fee to be shouldered by the customer).

You may also opt to pick your orders up at Sammy’s Restaurant from 10am to 5pm. It is located at 14 Raspberry Bend Street, Valley View Executive Subdivision Phase 3, San Juan, Cainta.

So the next time you want to treat yourself, or your nears-and-dears, to something sweet and delish, do check out what Sammy’s Cookin.’

Many thanks to Chef Sammy and Dorothy for these yummy treats.

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to enable an honest review.


Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

3 thoughts on “Come see what Sammy’s Cookin’”

  1. Very new dessert and breads everytime i see your post po. That’s why it’s one of my favourite page that i look for. Kahit na malayo at malabo na makapag order seeing your post and how you describe it sarap na sarap pa din po ako because you described it meticulously in detailed every bite. Plus you give us idea about their prices which for these one that you featured are very affordable. I really hope that all of these kind of bakery or resto’s will expand their business in other provinces.


  2. Wow ang sasarap nman po ng mga sweet treats ng sammy , naalala ko po sknila po ung kikiligin ka tlga 😁 my mga ganito dn pla silang sweet treats na tlgang magugustuha ntin . Gusto ko ung banana loaf ang sarap and very affordable price pa masarap pa siya pag my partner na coffee 🤗❤️


  3. Looks so yummy naman po nyang Martabak Manis 🥰❤️ Want to try this po talagang sure na masarap ito dahil isa pala ito sa most popular desserts sa indonesia. Picture pa lang talagang nakakatakam na. Affordable pa ang price nya kaya talagang sulit na sulit ito. Done reading your blog po 🥰


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