Three reasons to take up coloring books as your quarantine hobby

Stuck at home because of the quarantine and you’re itching for a way to break the monotony of the days passing by?

Why not do something creative? Drawing or painting from scratch or learning to play an instrument may seem daunting but you can always start with something relatively easy. Coloring books, for example.

Coloring Books - Shopping on the Side (

For quite some time now, this erstwhile niche pastime has evolved into a trendy pursuit for many, who swear by its contributions to their mental well-being. In a 2016 CNN Report, certified art therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor and NYU’s Program Coordinator for its Graduate Art Therapy Program Marygrace Berberian posited that while coloring books is not the same as completing an art therapy session, it “definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness.”

Coloring Books - Shopping on the Side (

Wondering how coloring books can bring about a more peaceful and productive state of being? Read on.

1) It can calm a busy mind.

The basic and repetitive motions you use to fill in the intricate designs with shades and hues can engage your mind but also quiet down your anxiety.

2) It can help you catch some zzzs.

With the increase in people’s anxiety levels over the COVID-19 pandemic, the forced isolation to maintain social distancing as well as the abrupt changes in daily routines have led to many reported cases of sleeplessness.

Engaging in an relaxing spate of coloring activity instead of staring at gadget screens, or worse, news reports (!) before bedtime may facilitate a more restful slumber.

3) It can unleash your creativity.

Filling in the blank shapes in coloring books is akin to collaborating with their artists in bringing their work to life. Choosing the colors and applying various strokes are also decisions driven by your own creative vision and executed within your control.

Keep this up and maybe soon, you’ll find yourself more confident in applying your re-developing creativity and decisiveness in other aspects of your life such as your home or career.

Ready to pick up your pencils, markers and crayons but have limited access to coloring books that catch your fancy? Worry no more.

E-commerce platform Shopee hosts Shopping on the Side’s online store filled with adult coloring books sourced from all over the world. Here, you can take your pick among a wide variety of books from meditative mandala patterns, whimsical drawings of fairies, intricate illustrations of travel destinations to humorous comic strips. Shopping on the Side is well-rated by Shopee users who praise the shop’s premium and high quality inventory, immediate shipping of ordered items and secure packaging.

Coloring Books - Shopping on the Side (

Coloring Books - Shopping on the Side (

Ready to start on your coloring journey while on quarantine? Let me know how it goes!

Header photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Other photos provided by Shopping on the Side.


Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

8 thoughts on “Three reasons to take up coloring books as your quarantine hobby”

  1. I love coloring book.I bought it as a gift to my niece.She loves to paint.So I thought maybe she can use this as inspirational for her art.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its crazy, I have so many gorgeous, awesome coloring books and a whole stash of Prismas and I didn’t think to do this once during lockdown! Gonna whip ’em all out when I get the chance!


  3. super love q ung ganito, libangan q dn po yan heheh dami q dn coloring book nakatago pa ung iba dito, kapag nalulungkot aq eto ung nagpapa happy sakin, nagdadrawing dn po aq minsan, nakakamiss naman πŸ™‚


  4. I agree with the three reasons you have listed. Coloring books will really unleash your creativity, calm your busy mind, and help you get some sleep. Coloring books was one of my fave hobbies when I was younger, I guess I should go back to that old hobby of mine. These are ideal gift as well.


  5. Thank you for sharing Ms.Gel.Great review agree po ako sa 3 reason para sa coloring book .Lalo na sa nakaka pag calm ng mind.Kailangan din talaga may libangan tayo para na occupied yung isip natin sa ginagawa hindi puro sa negativity sa buhay.


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