KFC delivery for Sunday lunch

When I was young, my parents used to reward my good grades with a meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Oh, those simple joys!)

This ubiquitous fried chicken fast food chain’s history began during the Great Depression in the US with Colonel Harlan David Sanders who started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. Having perfected his original recipe that made use of eleven herbs and spices, he then franchised his fried chicken recipe to restaurant owners.

KFC via FoodPanda

Today, KFC is a global presence, with presence in 150 countries.

It offers its “finger-lickin’ good” fried chicken to Pinoys along with a wide fast food menu which includes pastas and rice bowls that appeal to the Filipino market.

KFC via FoodPanda

As a busy, currently working-from-home mom, KFC is a way for me to escape from cooking duties while still providing the fam with a delicious meal.

This is why my family came to have KFC for our Sunday lunch.

KFC via FoodPanda

Feeling bone-tired from a hectic work week, I was in no mood to plan and prepare a meal.

Thankfully, I saw Mommy Ojie of PiggingOutOnSundays post a Php100 discount code for FoodPanda. I grabbed the code and ordered a Bucket of 10 (Php720).

KFC via FoodPanda

I asked my yaya to cook lots of rice because, yeah, it’s an unli-kanin kind of meal.

KFC via FoodPanda

Biting into finger-lickingly flavorful fried chicken in between spoonfuls of rice is more than fine by me.

I just wish that KFC start offering coleslaw as one of its fixins again. It stopped offering my favorite side dish since the pandemic started and hasn’t yet brought it back to its menu. (Note: I used to make a scene at KFC checkout counters when informed that coleslaw is not available.)

This KFC branch is located at Ground Floor, Robinson’s Place Cainta, Santo Domingo, Cainta, Rizal. To order for delivery, call +63 2 88878888 or course it via FoodPanda.

Use this link to download the FoodPanda app and get Php100 off your first order.

KFC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Author: Gel Jose

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3 thoughts on “KFC delivery for Sunday lunch”

  1. Woah Kentucky Fried chicken pala yun! Hahahah now ko lang nalaman. Well KFC is one of my favorite fast food chain that offers fried chicken. Sarap din kase tapos wantosaya pa sa gravy hahah 😄 fav ko sa side dish ay yung mushroom soup nila. Malinamnam eh 😊


  2. One of the best friend chicken in KFC. Ang sarap po talaga lalo na samahan ng gravy mapapaunli rice po talaga nito 😍😋


  3. One of the best fast food chain din to. The best po talaga ang chicken nila malalasahan mo talaga ang mga spices sa manok i also love their gravy napaka sarap pwedeng iulam 😋💖


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